“The King of Mask Singer” Wanna One yunjiseong turned out to write my pick.

In the MBC entertainment program “The King of Mask Singer” broadcasted on the 13th, there was a two round match between my goal and the wind.

On the day of the match, I won 67 versus 32 in the match against Kotatsu.

My choice to defeat in the fight turned out to be Warner Won Yoon Ji Sung. Yoon Ji-sung said, “My hand trembled because I was too nervous. There were not many parts. I have never called a song on stage. I was with the members, but I’m alone because I’m on stage, “he said.

Regarding his fifth appearance in Minhyun, JaeHwan, Nungwoon, DaeHui, he said, “The members gave me so many ideas. Daihui gave me a siren ‘sirens’ dance. Even now, the phone, the letter comes. Members seem to be curious, “he smiled.

As Wanna One’s contract officially ended on December 31, he commented, “We promoted for a year and six months. A lot happened, and we ran through it hectically. Thank you for gifting us emotions that wouldn’t have been felt if we didn’t debut.”

Afterwards, Yoon Ji Sung remarked in an interview backstage, “Before I debuted, I was told that my voice is unpleasant to listen to, so I did not love my voice.

However, senior artists complimented me [today] saying that I have a sweet voice. It has become an opportunity for me to love myself more.”

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