Unlike the mild image that has been shown in the past, Chan-hee transforms into a charismatic ‘black-haired chan-hee’, and anticipates the attraction of the reversal, amplifying the expectation.

MBC entertainment programs “HUNTERS” (Director Kim Sun-young, Kim Ji-woo), which is broadcasted at 8:50 pm on the 8th of the evening on Friday, will reveal the sister Tay and her group SF9’s CHANHI challenge the ’24 hour fasting.

The ‘Hopefuls’ are entertainment program that reflects the true meaning of a meal in pouring food and delicious food. For many reasons, such as ‘health care’ and ‘diet’, the hunger who agreed to eat the han after the 24 hour hunger is receiving favorable comments on the way in which each day’s life is overcome with many temptations and welcoming the “new world of fasting” .

Tay and Chan Hee appear in this week’s “The Fasting People”, capturing their attention. Tay has transformed into a true ‘Yo-se-nam’ (a sexy man cook), succeeding in a recently opened homemade burger house. In the recent drama ‘Sky Castle’, Chanhui has been playing the role of ‘Universe’.

The two will show the attraction of different dramas and theater. Chanhee challenges the 24-hour hunger with trembling and nervousness of the “fasting beginner”, and Tay, known as a gourmand, is enjoying food and enjoying everything before the start of the fast. They are going to maximize different charms through the completely reversed appearance of hunger.

Among them, Chan-hee confesses that the drama ‘Sky Castle’ has come to an end and has decided to make an ‘hunger’. “I want to hold the reset button,” he says, revealing the reasons for his hunger by responding to the “Sense Manleev” reply. Chan-hee is interested in the drama filming that he came to the “hunger” because he wanted to empty the stomach that was uncomfortable with irregular eating habits.

Afterwards, Chanhee explores the charisma toward members in the choreography exercise room during the fasting. Unlike the mild image that Chan-Hee showed in the drama ‘Sky Castle’ in the public photos, she shows sharp eyes and hand gestures and amplifies the curiosity about what will happen.

It is possible to see the way in which the mainstream idol group SF9 Chanhee challenges the “24 hour fasting” through the “hunger” which is broadcasted at 8:50 pm on the evening of the 8th on the evening of the 8th.

Starting from a question about whether eating three meals a day, the ‘hungers’, which started from the question of ‘modern-day health issues’ such as one meal per day and 24-hour fasting, is the perfect balance of public interest and entertainment I have received favorable reviews.

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