On the January 13 broadcast of the reality show, Byun Yo Han visited actor Bae Jung Nam’s home and hung out with him and his dog Bella. The two celebrities, who are close friends, ended up talking about the early days of their careers.

Since he debuted in 2011 with the film “Saturday Work”, he has spent three years of obscurity, until he gleamed as “microbiologist.” In the meantime, John saw a lot of auditions, but he had a lot of success and said, “I wanted something that was possible.”

But at the time of frustration, John did not stop acting. In one year, he starred in 30 independent films, polished his acting skills, and took a snowboard.

As a result, Sir John was chosen for the drama “Microbe” and got the chance. ‘Microbiotic’ is a masterpiece and a masterpiece of Joan of St. John. Sir John said, “I am very nervous about playing the cast and being the first to read the script. I’m sorry to you, Lee Sung-min. It was that powerful. ” “Everything that was easy to play was thanks to Lee Sung-min.”

Sung Joon also said that actor Kim Dae – myeong always encouraged him and said, “If you think about it now, it ‘s time to thank them.”

Says John also said that the family members opposed the actor ‘s way. At first, I could not tell my parents, and after all, I was very opposed to being an actor. ” I was forced to go to China to study abroad.

“What my father wanted was international trade. It was my father’s dream. When I went to study abroad, I thought I would become an actor and learn a language and let’s go. ” “I like my parents now,” says Says John.

On the other hand, on the same day, a single life of Hong Jin Young, Hong Sun Young’s sister, and Im Won Hee was released.

Shin Ae-ra appeared as a special MC, and he showed his enthusiasm.

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