Actor Byun Yo Han boasted a variety of charms with both masculinity and softness.

Byun Yo Han decorated the cover of the May 2019 issue with the style of Star & Style Magazine.

In this photograph, Byun Yo Han showed a distinctive dandy and fashionable charm.

Says Byun Yo Han recently said that he is “preparing for the next work”. “Even though I look back on my past works, I still play with the attitude of studying.” Even when I was preparing my work, I still showed an attitude toward acting.

“I do not want to lose my feelings when I first started acting,” rather than trying to maintain a beginner’s mind. “Especially, the word” beginner “is too big for me.

I also shared my daily life with a dog. “I am spending all my time in raising a puppy until I wake up and sleep in the morning,” she said, expressing his love for the dog by saying, “If I have any sickness or toughness, it will make me laugh.”

When asked about the turning point of life as an actor, he asked, “I have always been going in one direction after starting acting, so I do not have a turning point.” Rather, he recalled the starting point as an actor, saying, “I think I started to think about how I could move forward without stopping to dream.”

“It was not the first time I started acting to catch up with the popularity,” says Byun Yo Han, who is an actress who does not seem to be a contestant of popularity or popularity. “It is my greatest wish that my work is going well and I am most happy to focus on what I ought to do “I have shown steady acting love of the actor in the eighth year debut.

An interview with Joe Han’s pictorial and sincere feelings of wanting to be an actor in any work can be found at the May Story of At Styling Magazine.

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