On the afternoon of the afternoon of the 26th, JTBC “Please take care of the fridge”, starring actress and actress Han Eun-jung appeared as guests.

The star, who recently announced his new song “Tears,” said, “Did you have a thirst for music?” He said, “Thankfully, when the weather gets cold, he misses his voice.

Kim said, “It was a topic of Chang’an because I married Haha.” The star said, “I used to drink like a joke from the past and suddenly a phone call came in at night.” You are still young and innocent so you play, play, make a boyfriend, From that day on, every day, the phone will come and ask me to marry for a whole month. “I’m totally cool,” “I’m going to marry you,” he asked, so I did not get married, so I called immediately. ”

The star said, “I thought, ‘What kind of person is there?’ And from that moment on, I started to look at me differently, and I saw my husband pushing with confidence and thought, ‘If you have this confidence, you should get married.’ I married in March, I met my parents in April, and I made a marriage announcement in August. ”

When Ahn asked, “Is Haha close to his ideal,” the star said, “No, if there is a document screening, it is immediately rejected.” It seems that he dreamed of a character that is not in reality in the drama.

If you expect to be around 1:00 am, I will call you at about 12:00 pm “Where are you going to come?” It is said that it is almost finished, but it does not come even after 1:00 pm When my husband does not want to fight, my husband said, ‘Eun-ee is angry. I wish I could reduce it. ”

The star asked, “What should I do to make my anger worse, what should I do?” Kim Sung-ju and Ahn Jung-hwan failed to answer. Ahn Jung-hwan said, “My wife is going to use that method if I give the answer. My wife is angry too.”

The star said, “My heart is weak, my husband deliberately pretends to come to drink and sleep poorly, so my heart weakens.” Kim Sung – joo “laughed cold water”.

The star, known as a food fighter, said, “I have a sour taste, and I like to look at the menu when I go to a restaurant, I take out everything in the refrigerator even if I eat alone. I like eating rice with people, “he explained.

Then, the star’s refrigerator was revealed, and “Haha Haha has no side dish at all.” The star said, “My mother-in-law raised me well, I thought my husband had exaggerated my mother-in-law’s food to make it more interesting, but actually I ate my mother’s seaweed soup, which was the seaweed soup I ate for the first time. He said that he had broth onion and onion. My husband is happy that everything is good. “I laughed.

For Chicken Feast Maniacs enjoying Chicken Feet, Chicken Egg chef ‘Chicken Ballad’ and Kim Faeng writer ‘White Chicken Feast’ have created ‘Black Chicken Feet’.

“The chicken ballad has a delicious and spicy taste, and the white chicken leg of Kimpoong has a good texture that separates chicken bone and flesh.” It was. The star chose the food of Kim Geun-jung.

Hahaha, who appeared just before the confrontation between Raymond Kimchef and Lee Yoon-bok, decided to take a surprise appearance when he watched the studio ”

Haha, “The food of the star is wonderful, you know my mother’s cooking skill, I have not eaten a cup of tea since I was a kid, my foot size is 280mm, originally could be up to 180cm tall but I could not eat it” I laughed.

As for the marriage story, Haha said, “I was convinced,” I thought that you would marry me anyway, but why do you keep going? “The star was recognized as a singer of choice. I showed affection.

Rayman Kim Chef showed off a ‘freaky steak’ using beef tenderloin, and Lee Yoon-bok chef showed ‘soul bake baked dream’ using ribs. The star and the couple Haha admired the dishes of the two chefs and could not stop both hands.

After staring at the stars, he chose Raymond Kim’s dish instead of Lee Yeon-suk.

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