On November 21, the US Billboard reported, “The new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, which was released by the Bulletproof Boys last 12 days, was ranked third in the ‘Billboard 200’ chart.”

Billboard said, “After the Bulletproof Boys hit the first ‘Billboard 200’ on LOVE YOURSELF ‘Tear’ on June 2, 2018, they went through the LOVE YOURSELF ‘Answer’ THE SOUL: PERSONA “,” The first three albums in the earliest period since the Monkeys, which achieved three albums in nine months and three weeks in 1967, “He said.

According to the article, the Bulletproof Boys took the first three albums in the Billboard 200 for less than 11 months, ahead of the Beatles’ record of 11 months and 1 week. In addition, since 1967, the band has been the fastest three albums ever since the monkeys.

Billboard said, “Since its release on April 12, the new album has sold 230,000 albums in the United States by April 19. Of the 196,000 physical albums sold, 8,000 digital music downloads were converted into album sales and 26,000 streaming downloads were converted into album sales volume.

In addition, the noteworthy record of the bulletproof boys ‘group is that “three of the four albums that ranked first in the’ Billboard 200 ‘for the non-English language in the past year are the bulletproof boys’ albums, It is the second highest score in the group this year and the fourth highest in the world as an artist. ”

MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA ‘s newest chart on Apr. 27, which topped the Billboard 200, will be posted on the Billboard’s official website on the 23rd.

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