In KBS2’s’Music Bank’, which aired on the afternoon of the 11th, BTS”Dynamite’ and NCT U’s ’90’s Love’ competed as first place candidates. 

Bulletproof Boy Scouts, who are writing a new history of K-pop, are breaking records every day with’Dynamite’ released in August. 

According to Billboard’s latest chart (December 12), which was released on the 8th (local time), BTS”Dynamite’ ranked 10th in the main single chart’Hot 100′. ‘Dynamite’, the first Korean singer to reach the top three times, including two weeks in a row, at the time of its release on August 21st, has been a long-term box office hit for more than 100 days. ‘Dynamite’ is showing a relentless popularity on other charts on Billboard.

NCT U (N City U) recently released’The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2′. This is Shinbo, released about a month after’The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1′ released on the 12th of last month.

The title song ’90’s Love’ is an old school R&B hip-hop song that combines hip-hop and R&B in the 90s with modern sound. As all the precious things of the past are worth transcending time and space, the lyrics that contain the message to create new values ​​unique to NCT are impressive. Ten, Win-win, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Yangyang, and Sung Chan participated.

In particular, NCT is “calling out a new romance woo we about to go” “we want/here we go here we go here we go ay” “don’t this hit jump jump/don’t this hit that really feels like this hit, this is our own mood Through lyrics such as “, he showed off his strong energy. As the song went to the second half, it was characterized by cool high notes and powerful wrapping, and the shouting that cheered up with “hey hey” caught the ear.

On this day, the’Music Bank’ 1st place trophy went to BTS.

In the comeback stage, IZ*ONE, Ghost Nine, and Won-Wee set up the stage.

IZ*ONE released their fourth mini-album’One-reeler/Act IV’ and made a comeback to the music industry. The new album’One-reeler/ Act IV’ refers to a short film, and is an album that expresses the beautiful youth and growth of IZone members in the form of three’Scene’ like a scene in a movie. 

The title song’Panorama’ is a song of the Pop House genre with a beautiful arrangement and an emotional melody as if the landscape was drawn in front of you. The lyrics contain the desire to remember the moments and times that IZone has been together forever.

In an interview in the waiting room, IZone said, “There are three points in this song,” and “There are the first sword group dance, facial expression, and killing parts, so you can pay attention to this part.”

9-member boy group GHOST9 (Ghost Nine) has released their second mini-album’PRE EPISODE 2: W.ALL’. After the first mini-album, it made a comeback at high speed in 3 months. 

The new song’W.ALL’ is an extension of the debut album, with the bold spirit of opening the door and crossing the wall facing each other, it contains the ambiguous meaning of becoming a Guardian who protects you firmly like a wall. 

Boy band ONEWE (Wonwe) released their first single’MEMORY: illusion’.  

Wonwi has been involved in all the songs released since his debut, and this album also proved his outstanding musical competence by participating in all songs. Thanks to this, I touched the hearts of the listeners with the warm sensibility of Won-Wee in these days where everyone is tired and difficult.

The title song “A Book in Memories” is a self-composed song written by member Yong-hoon after watching the movie “Notebook,” and the orchestra sound that unfolds brilliantly with dramatic lyrics with a clear victory. It is a warm rock ballad song characterized by an intense guitar sound that increases as it goes to the second half, and the original band sound gives a strong immersion.

SM Rookie Espa is a rookie group that has been introduced in about 4 years since the release of NCT in 2016. It is a name created by combining’æ’, which means’Avatar X Experience’, and the English word’aspect,’ which means both sides. Based on the worldview of’to experience a new world by meeting an avatar, which is another self,’ it is said to show various activities.

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ning Ning are a four-member girl group, and are active with their debut song’Black Mamba’.

This debut song’Black Mamba’ is an impressive song with an addictive chorus that seems to memorize a spell. In particular, the adventure unfolded as a worldview story was expressed as he learned that’Black Mamba’ is the one who disturbs the connection between Espa and the avatar’ae’ and threatens the world.

FNC’s new boy group, P1 Harmony, is a boy group that FNC Entertainment introduced four years after SF9, which debuted in 2016. It is a group of six members: Sign, Theo, Jiwoong, Intag, Soul, and Jong-seop. It contains the meaning of infinite children. The average age of the group is 17.1 years old.

Last October, they released their debut album’DISHARMONY: STAND OUT’ and are actively engaged in activities. Following the title song’SIREN’, he started working on’Nemonade’.

The new girl group STAYC is a girl group to which Park Si-eun, famous for being the daughter of singer Park Nam-jung, has released their first single album,’Star To A Young Culture’. STAYC is also the first 6-member girl group to be showcased at High-Up Entertainment headed by Black Eyed Pil-seung (Choi Gyu-sung, Rado). 

The debut album’Star To A Young Culture’, which is also the name of STAYC’s team, contains the strong aspirations of the six members,’I will become a star that leads a young culture’.

The title track of the new album’SO BAD’ was written and composed by Black Eyed Pil-seung and Jeon. STAYC (StayC) expresses the dignity of a teenager who speaks of her own heart, although it is the beginning of a poor love. 

On the other hand,’Music Bank’ on this day includes NCT U (N City U), Espa (aespa), IZ*ONE, ONEWE (Won Wi), STAYC (Stay C), 2Z, BAE173, ENHYPEN, GHOST9, P1 Harmony ( P.Won Harmony), woo!ah! did.

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