‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’ is an album that opens up the new series of bulletproof boys’ concerts, and it contains a straightforward story to tell fans who have come to the present position.

Leader RM commented on this: “Over the past two and a half years, I have been experiencing something that I could not imagine, I wanted to try to talk about the source of power that has brought us up to this point and the way forward through that power. ”

As the ‘Love Your Dreams’ series progresses, the Bulletproof Boys’ Club has grown beyond the domestic scene into a world-class star. He was the first Korean singer to win two consecutive albums in Billboard 200, the main album chart of the US Billboard, and confirmed the stadium performance in eight areas including New York City Field, USA.

This album is also unveiled at the same time the world topped 86 countries and regions iTunes top albums are beginning to seem unusual. The title song “Boy With Luv” was featured on the NBC ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL), and the Bulgarian Boy Scouts were invited to the Billboard Music Awards for two consecutive years.

For the secret of such a great love, the Bulletproof Boys members gathered and mentioned their fan club ‘Ami’.

Sugar said, “I thought that many of us would like to know what is so different and special. I think many things are different and many things are not different. ”

Jimin also said, “Our origins come from our fans, and even though there were moments when we were tired and exhausted, we were able to come up here because of the power of fans cheering and loving. It seems that there is a synergy of affirmation that I want to do. ”

Jean said, “It is still very burdensome for the bulletproof boys to pioneer their own way.” He says, “We are working hard on our music, the stage, in order to eliminate this burden. I hope that fans will be able to work harder because they cheer me from the side. ”

When asked about Amir to the Bulletproof Boys, he said, “It is all of us who made the bullet-proof boy band.” As the curiosity of Ami continued to grow, it became the foundation of this album theme as it developed. I feel that the bulletproof boy band and Ami’s stickiness are getting bigger, and I feel more responsibility, I get good stimulation and give good influence to each other. ”

As such, the bulletproof boy band ran in a desire to give back the love that the fans received without shaking even in the increasing interest and popularity. It is a pleasure for the achievements that have been made with Ami so far, and at the same time, it is the reason why the bulletproof boys prepare for the next without silence.

RM said, “We are very happy with our grades, we have a lot of celebration, but we have to be better, we have to be the best in 3 countries and we can not think of swallowing the world at the same time. I am very grateful to each other for their interest and I will work hard to dissolve it with nourishment, “said the ambassador.

“I want to do things right now,” he said. “I wish I had a successful stadium tour and I would like to name two of the Billboard music awards,” said Sugar, who has made his dream of becoming a top 10, Grammy, I would like to win a prize in one category, “he said.

Overseas, Bangladeshi boys who are already winning the prize of the 21st century Beatles. They are still looking forward to the first bulletproof boycott, who is not the second person, but who still does not forget the beginnings.

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