Xian was so intrigued by the BTS charm that he wanted to wear glasses.

KBS 2TV , which was broadcast on the 2nd, captivated the audience with the appearance of the children who were more cute. Sam Dong-kook, Sam Hammington, Kojyong family, etc. appeared on the day, and it was filled with memories.

On this day, Superman came back to the audience with the subtitle “Remember me”. On that day, a picture of Xian Yi, who was in the process of catching up with the people of the bulletproof boy band, was drawn.

I watched the stage of the bulletproof boy band and followed the dance with the TV. In particular, when he saw the stage of the BTS, which was full of mask dancers, Xian cut off his toilet paper and danced well.

Xian, who was following the dance, saw Ji Min wearing glasses and said, “I am really cool with my glasses.

In the end, I used my mom’s glasses and asked my sisters, “Do you think my uncle is like you?” My sisters said, “It’s more wonderful, I am a prince.”

However, Lee said, “If you get worse, you can not wear glasses.” Xian said he did not see any good. Xian tried to get worse by reading books in the dark.

Eventually, he took Xian to the optician and tested his eyes, but he was diagnosed to be in very good condition. For the disappointing Xian, the mobile station laughed at the glasses with glasses made by the dragon.

On the other hand, “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns”, a growing story that dad and children make together for 48 hours without a mother, is broadcasted every Sunday at 4:50 pm on KBS 2TV.

Mobile stations, Sua, Sul, Shi’on, Gojiyeong and his son. Sam Hammington, son William and Bentley, Park Joo-ho and daughter Naeun show off the warmth of the family.

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