The group’s BTS band wrote a new history on the Billboard ‘Social 50’ chart of the United States.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on November 11, bulletproof boys ranked first in the 130th and 100th consecutive weeks in ‘Social 50′.

As a result, the Bulletproof Boys’ Team has renewed itself for the longest consecutive record for the 100th consecutive week since Billboard’s “Social 50” on July 29, 2017.

On the other hand, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA album released in April is the 31st on the Billboard 200 and the title song “Boy With Luv” feat. Halsey ‘was named’ Hot 100 ‘on the 90th.

This is the record for the main album chart and main single chart for 8 consecutive weeks.

In addition to this, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA is the first in the world album, the first in the independent album, the top album sales in seventh, the taste maker album in eleventh, the billboard canadian album in the 38th, Boy with Luv ‘ranked # 40 in’ Pop Song ‘and # 52 in’ Billboard Canadian Hot 100 ‘.

LOVE YOURSELF ‘Answer’ released in August last year has been loved steadily by recording ‘Billboard 200’ 88th place.

The Bulletproof Boys ‘Team is on the way to the official global fan meeting’ BTS 5th MUSTER ‘MAGIC SHOP’ at Busan Asidad Stadium on June 15th and 16th.

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