FNC Entertainment (FNC) has signed a new contract on April 11th, based on “reluctance and trust. “I am delighted to be able to do so again with Moon Ji-ae, who has outstanding capabilities as a broadcaster.” “We will provide generous support for the future, and we expect synergy to work collaboratively.”

She joined MBC Public Announcer in 2006 as an anchor of MBC ‘News Desk’ and became a sign announcer. MBC ‘Complaint Zero’, ‘Never Ending Story’, ‘Focus on Live Broadcast’ I showed them.

Also, she was loved by the warm and comfortable process in many radio programs which he named his own name such as MBC ‘Music Street of Mun Ji-ae’, ‘Blue Night, Moon Ji-ae’, EBS ‘ Radio Happy World of Education ‘to communicate with listeners every day.

In particular, Moon Ji-ae opened his YouTube channel ‘A TV’ last August and created his own content as a creator. Recently he was appointed as the CEO of MBC KISS Speech Academy and opened ‘A TV Picture Book School’ I also made a good example.

FNC Entertainment is building the strongest entertainment lineup including Kim Yongman, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Eun, Jung Hyung Don, Roh Hong, Moon Se Yoon, Choi Sung Min, Lee Euk Joo and Joo Jong. In addition, synergies with FNC Production, which is producing a variety of popular entertainment programs such as KBS2 ‘Problematic Son of the Rooftop Room’, ‘Living Men 2’, JTBC ‘Idol Room’, and web arts ‘FNC Fancy Point’

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