On the 5th, 220 Entertainment said, “We recently concluded a contract with KNOCK (Boxer, Jung In-sung, Kim Ji-hoon, Oh Hee-jun, and Dong Won) and will release its fourth album” KNK S / S COLLECTION ” Formulated.

KNK S / S COLLECTION, the fourth album, has been unveiled along with a surprise comeback announcement via the official SNS. According to the scheduler, the album will be released to reveal a variety of contents, including instrumental teaser and track list, two concept images, music video teaser, album preview, and key point dance teaser.

The big group expanded the group spectrum by joining the new member ‘s new album’ LONELY NIGHT ‘, which led to a good response at home and abroad with various music and performances. Through this new album ‘KNK S / S COLLECTION’, it is expected to catch up with the fans with new changes.

“I was having a hard time last year and the members became rather harder. Together with my worries about music and practice, I developed my strong will for comeback. It is an album created through deep musical troubles and eagerness, and I ask for much expectation. ”

A big deal last year after canceling contract with the agency, the members gathered together to continue the album without agency. At the end of the wait, fans are cheering for their new start with a new nest with 220 entertainment.

On the other hand, Kangakun is officially releasing his fourth album at 6 pm on the 15th, and he is spurring preparations for the end.

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