Group B.I.G and new member Jin Seok have concluded their first fan meeting this year.

B.I.G held the first ‘2019 Via Easy Fan Meeting’ this year at Salon Munbo in Mapo – gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 19th.

On this day, B.I.G members will respond to questions prepared by fans, communicate extensively with friendly conversations, reflect the opinions of fans, follow emoticons or pose according to a given piece of music. did.

The most special moment of this fan meeting was the joining of new member and youngest vocalist Jin Seok. Jin Seok, who was born in 1998, is now 22 years old and has been sold out for two years to join the B.I.G .

Jin Seok, who gave his first greetings to fans, replied, “When singing in front of people,” when asked what was the happiest moment, and led the fans to show their first mini-album title “Aphrodite” on the spot.

In addition, the members faced fans for the first time, packed up a nervous new member Jin Seok and created a warm atmosphere, and attracted the expectation of the heavy –

After the fan meeting, the members said, “It was so good to start with 2019 with the fans. It was so nice to see those who came for a long time and those who gave it to me for the first time. ”

“This year’s comeback and the activities of each member of the Biajiji will be a lot of fun things to do, and I am excited and excited. I would like you to have a nice look at the youngest person who has joined the new club. ”

Welcome to B.I.G, Jinseok!

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