According to music company K Entertainment on September 9, A’s will return to their first single album on the 23rd. After finishing the music video for both the title song and the songs, I will concentrate on preparing for a comeback at the end of the concert in Japan.

This single is a new song to be released in a year after the second mini album “ANGEL” announced in May 2018. It is expected to satisfy the fans who have been waiting for the comeback filled with two songs including the title song ‘EDEN’ and the song ‘Hello’ which was not seen until now.

The album name ‘RE: IZ (Lee Aizu)’ means ‘restarting eyes’. If it was a visual and performance-oriented idol band so far, it is ready to show its mature performance as a young passion and authentic band.

The title song ‘Eden’ is an alternative rock genre that reveals the intense guitar sound and authentic band color. It is a title that means ‘joy’ and ‘paradise’ itself. to be. Aizu’s energy-filled comeback song was released with excitement and lightness through lyrics that convey a message of hope.

If IZ*ONE had grown through his mini album ‘Angel’, he took his first step to complete the identity of band Aizu as the single ‘Eden’. This is one of the reasons why their activities are more and more expected.

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