Block B’s Jaehyo greeted his fans with his hand letter to the army.

Jaehyo published a handwritten letter written on December 20th at the Block boy official fan cafe.

“I am so shy and sorry for not being able to serve in active duty because of my knee is uncomfortable and sorry for my health.” “I am so grateful for being loved, and thank you for your worry. You do not have to worry at all. ”

However, he said, “Do not forget me for a long time and never forget me. I will come back a little more matured and grow up.”

Jaehyo will enter the new recruits school on the 20th, and will receive alternative military service for two years after receiving basic military training.

The following is a re-written hand letter.

Good morning.

I thought I would not go on forever, but I am ashamed and sorry for not being able to serve on active duty because my knees are uncomfortable.

Before I go to the army, I am preparing a lot to have a direct encounter with my fans, and once again I feel how overwhelmed I am being loved. I am so grateful for being loved, but thank you for your concern. I just keep saying thank you.
While I can not meet officially during my service period, I will continue to serve in the service! It is a news that we have a lot of troubles for our fans who may have been sad again, but do not worry because the Korean boys are going through everyone!

I am writing this letter and it is a room near the Nonsan Training Center and I feel very strange. I realize this is not realistic at all … it gatgido and eccentric, and …
I Mean You wonder my hair look? I still do not cut it. I’ll push tomorrow and show you if it’s not too bad! I will prepare a lot and give a lot of effort to give back to everyone who has been given to you …
and I am very good at adjusting to an unfamiliar environment and do not worry about being very friendly with people! One of the worries is that I can not see for a long time ..

If I do not see it, do not ever forget me .. Now I will mature a little bit more and get back to my body! I think it will be the active part if it sees someone. It is going to be going to the concert too soon, and it is too bad that it can not go! There are so many words I want to say, but now this moment is not the end, so I will leave the heavy and dark horses for a while!

If you can steal your hand letter or post during your service period, I will! And thank you for our remaining members. If you know it, you are slow and good guys.
And I ate dinner with pizza, chicken ribs, and Sundae stew. Do not worry, I’ll eat everything I want to eat. And I’ll wait for the day to meet our BBC again!

The more you write, the more complicated you are. Maybe the service will be done at the reception center. Tap water Arisu in Seoul! I will manage very well. My BBC always loves me who fill me with lack of love. ps. When our members come out with new songs, I ask them to smile. Loyalty.

Wishing Jaehyo all the best during his service!

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