‘Kill This love’ music video surpassed the YouTube view 400 million views at 3:50 pm today (July 7).

The “Kill Disley” music video, which was unveiled at 5:00 on April 5th, reached 400 million views in 63 days. This is a result of advancing 49 days at a rate about twice as fast as that of the previous record of “Toowo Todu” (112 days based on 400 million view).

Black Pink has set a new record for itself by replacing the new record of 4 billion records set up by “Tootsuko” with “Killdis Love”. As a ‘YouTube Queen’, it is a testament to the status of Black Pink.

In addition, the music video of ‘Fire & Whistle’ and ‘Whistle’ is expected to exceed 400 million views, so it is expected that the new record will be marched. Black Pink is not only a new song, but also through the existing music video steadily adding views and shows a unique grip on the K-pop YouTube market.

On the last day, Black Pink ‘Kill Disillav’ choreography video surpassed 100 million views, adding one of five existing videotaping choreography videos and rewriting the new record. As a result, Black Pink will have a total of 14 billion view videos, including seven music videos, Jenny’s “SOLO” music video and six choreography videos.

Black Pink’s mega hit song, “Toowuto Toudu” music video recently surpassed the 800 million view and became the first K-pop group to break the top hits.

Black Pink has successfully completed its first European tour debut on six occasions in six regions over the past 28 days in Barcelona. The tour will be held on August 8th, followed by a tour of Macau. At the end of the year, four dome tours were scheduled for three major cities in Japan.

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