The music video of “KILL THIS LOVE”, the new EP album title of Black Pink released on May 5th, exceeded 200 million views at 6:50 pm yesterday. It is a record for 11 hours, 18 hours and 50 minutes. Including all singers from all over the world, this is the fourth highest grade ever.

“KillDislove” music video, which set the world record at the time, exceeded 100 million views in 62 hours and reached 200 million views. Black Pink’s biggest hit, “Tootsukuri”, is growing faster than the hit rate, so expectations for the future trend are gathering.

Black Pink has been growing endlessly as the new song has exceeded the records of previous works to fit the qualifiers such as ‘new record maker’ and ‘hit number fairy’.

As a result, Black Pink has been awarded the prestigious honorary prize for ‘Jenny’ s ‘SOLO’ and ‘KillDislove’, which are ‘Winnie the Pooh’ (700 million viewers) (2 billion views), and ‘STAY’ (100 million views), all of the music videos released after debut are rewritten to record a total of 8 billion views. In addition, Black Pink is the only group that has five videotaping videos.

Among them, Black Pink is on the Billboard main chart as the best K pop girl group.

The title song ‘Kill Dis Love’ is the 41st on the main single chart ‘Hot 100’ and the same EP album ‘Kill This Love’ is on the 24th of the main album chart ‘Billboard 200’.

This album also topped the World Album chart after the “Square Up” album released last year.

In ‘World Digital Song Sales’ chart, ‘Killdis Love’ is ranked first, ‘Dontnowattoudu’ is ranked 4th, ‘Toupou’ is ranked 7th, ‘Kick It’ is ranked 8th and ‘No’ is ranked 9th A total of five songs from the past hits along with the new songs settled in the top 10.

In particular, Black Pink has earned the top spot on the World Digital Songs chart for five consecutive times, including ‘Boombaya’, ‘Fire’, ‘Last’, and ‘

Black Pink was the first K pop girl group to perform in the US at its largest music festival ‘Cochaela Valley Music and Atats Festival’ on Saturday (December 12).

Black Pink, the global top group, will start a full-fledged North American tour, starting with Los Angeles in the US on July 17. On the 18th, he will participate in the recording of the famous talk show ‘The Late Rate Show with James Coden’ on the 18th, and on the 19th, he will meet the local fans again on the second stage of ‘Kocella’.

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