BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] MACAO “at the Macao Cotai Arena.

Black Pink, who opened the concert with ‘Toowo Young’ and ‘Toowo Young’ on the day, showed fluent English and Cantonese skills. Local fans cheered with a smiling smile on the black pink communicating Cantonese.

Black Pink said, “I’m so glad to be performing at the Cotai Arena. Let’s play together all together, “he exclaimed.

This Macau concert is about two hours away from the richer sights and attractions that have been added to the repertoire as a result of the addition of all the songs of the new album ‘Kil’dis Love’ The fans gathered that it was a ‘

All four members of the stage also shone in the light. Lisa stole her gaze with a sensual and sophisticated choreography to match ‘Smile’ Take Me and Jason Derulo’s Swalla. The index overwhelmed Jad’s “Clarity” with his mature vocals.

Jenny showed her solo song ‘SOLO’ and showed her unique charm. In addition to ‘Let it be’, ‘You & I’ and ‘Just look at me’, Rosé was especially impressed by the new ‘Can not help falling in love’ part of the concert in Macau.

The local fans of Macau made various waves of Black Pink songs including ‘Whistler’ and ‘Killdie Love’ including ‘Toowar Young’ and ‘Forever Young’ in Korean. Black Pink, who was thrilled with the recent Korean classics, thanked the local fans for the performance.

The fans of Macao were once again impressed by the event, which organized the slogan ‘PINK’, which was written by the group ‘Do not Know What To Do’. In addition, the pink and mobile flashes spewed by the official cheongwon seal ‘Phoebong’ filled the theater and produced beautiful scenery.

Black Pink said at the end of the concert, “I hope I can come back to this beautiful city and I will cherish this moment forever.” Reincarnated at the request of the enthusiastic Encore, Black Pink fancied each and every local fan and enthused.

Black Pink, who travels all over Asia, North America and Europe, travels to Australia for the first time since the 13th.

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