Black Pink held BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] TAIPEI at Taipei NTSU Arena on March 3 (local time). Audiences who filled the concert scene cheered the Black Pink at the first Taipei concert throughout the show.

From this morning in Taipei, thin rain has wiped the ground. Though the raindrops thickened and chilly weather continued until 6:00 pm when the concert started, early on, the audience waited for the performance with an umbrella in a thick attire.

The fans showed a love for black pink by wearing a headband with the name of the members of the black pink or an official support rope. The MD booths also had a long line, which gave a high degree of interest in black-pink. Especially in the rainy weather, the fans teamed up in costumes and followed the black pink choreography.

Black Pink has opened the Taipei Concert with “Koo Doo Doo” ahead of the K-pop group’s first music video, which surpasses 700 million views. Since then, he has been singing hit songs such as ‘Forever Young’ and ‘Whistle’ and has brought up the atmosphere. Various special effects such as fireworks, laser, and fog were added to create a spectacular stage.

Black Pink said, “Hello, I missed you.” In the next stage of ‘Whistle’, I moved to the stage that is close to the audience, not to the main stage, and handed my hand directly in the middle of the choreography.

Black Pink also provided a place for the audience in the middle of the performance. The members held each other’s shoulders together and made a train shape, and then they made their way to the stage and led the audience to surf. In ‘Really’, a reggae version for the concert, we paired the two together and pressed the ends of the stage.

Black Pink said, “Thank you so much for coming to the first Taipei concert, I was so happy and happy to be with you today, I love you blinks.” In front of the final stage of Angkor, the first Taipei concert was made with special memories by taking a picture with the fans who found the performance.

Beginning with the Bangkok concert in January, Black Pink has performed a total of 11 performances in seven cities and a large-scale World Tour Asia performance of 120,000 audiences in two months from Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei.

Black Pink, who finished the World Tour Asia performance, will be performing in North America from April.

On April 17, Los Angeles, April 24, Chicago, April 27, Hamilton, May 1 Newark, May 5, Atlanta, and May 8, Fort Worth. It sold out. In addition, Newark and Fort Worth each confirmed one additional performance, proving explosive ticket power.

Black Pink is showcasing its presence in the United States by accepting more than ten thousand arena venues per place in its first North American tour and confirming eight performances in six cities in total.

On April 12th and 19th, K-pop idols will be on stage for the first time in America’s largest music festival, “Koçella Valley Music &

After that, Black Pink will hold world tours in Europe and Australia and meet Blink all over the world.

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