‘Whistler’ music video has proved its steady interest by surpassing 400 million views of YouTube views yesterday (26th).

The “Whistle” music video released on August 8, 2016 clearly marked the debut Black Pink. The colorful and sophisticated ‘whistle’ music video has attracted the popularity of the characters with charming parts of their members.

Black Pink, who was a newcomer, also showed a strong voice in the music charts. After the release of ‘Whistle’, Black Pink achieved perfect allure on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of all music sites.

In addition to ‘Whistlebird,’ the debut double title track ‘Boombaya’ is also loved at the same time breaking the 600 million view this year. Two music videos have been on the rise for about three years since the release, as the number of views has been rising steadily thanks to the steady love of global fans.

Earlier, Black Pink reached the 500 million view with ‘Kill Disilves’ in 111 days, and set the shortest record of the K pop group. He changed his record of 500 million views recorded as “Koo Doo Doo” to “Kill Discovery” and renewed his own record, and rewrote the record of K Pop group’s shortest record. Black Pink, who is writing a new history of K-Pop on YouTube, made a meaningful achievement through his first World Tour debut. Black Pink sold 22 times in 32 performances in 23 cities on four continents, with an average seat occupancy of 96.6%. From his first world tour debut, he excelled at a large scale and many concerts of concerts.

In addition, the mega-hit song “Tootsukuri” music video has already surpassed 800 million views and is looking at the “K Pop Group’s first” 9 billion view.

Following the world tour, Black Pink will hold a 4-dome tour of three cities in Japan at Tokyo Dome in December, Osaka Kyocera Dome in January next year, and Yahoo Oak Dome in Fukuoka in February.

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