On TVN ‘Black Dog’, which aired on the 4th afternoon, Lee Hang-na (Song Yeong-sook Station) leaving the side of Seo Hyun-jin (Go Sky Station) is depicted. 

On this day, ‘Black Dog’ Lee Hang-na sent a message to Seo Hyun-jin, “I’m going to my family. He also said, “Now I don’t need to be sorry for me. I’ve done enough for 13 years. But Seo Hyunjin, “Don’t hurt anything. What are you doing well. 

‘Black Dog’ Seo Hyunjin offered La Mirran (Park Sung-soon) an after-school class. He said, “It is a fusion class that does not distinguish between moon and science.” Lee Chang-hoon smiled, “Let’s do anything together.” 

However, Mi Mi-hwa (Han Jae-hee) disagreed with Ramy. He said, “I received a complaint from my parents,” he complained. 

In addition, ‘Black Dog’ Umihwa said, “The problem is that children do not like it. Actually, it does not help the entrance exam. You should not eat poo or miso. I went on. “I still want to do it.” 

Seo Hyunjin had a drink with Ha Joon (Do Yeon-woo) and Lee Chang-hoon, who lost their motivation because of the students who showed negative positions in the new class. Lee Chang-hoon and Seo Hyun-jin told Ha Joon, “I’m going to hold a new class with Park Sung-soon. Would you like to join us?” But Hajun said, “I will not do. Don’t do fusion classes. Honestly, if you can not help the entrance exam. It is useless. Parents and kids do not like. He confessed his own grievances. 

In the end, Drunk Ha Joon. Seo Hyunjin smiled bitterly as he looked at the back of Ha Jun who was taken by taxi. 

‘Black Dog’ Lamiran foretold her husband’s business trip to Vietnam. Lamyran has declared leave of absence from Jeong Hae-gyun (Moon Su-ho) and Kim Hong-pa (Byun Sung-ju). He said, “I wouldn’t have to bother you here and there. I’d do more if I retire in the winter.” 

Lamyran made a big decision. Before taking a leave of absence, I decided to increase the size of the university. He said, “You have to get bigger, so it’s hard to shake elsewhere. Why don’t you combine it with other departments? Of course, it’s not just for college, it’s for children.” 

In addition, Ramyran mentioned the convergence class with Seo Hyun-jin and Lee Chang-hoon to Jung Hae-gyun and Kim Hong-pa, saying, “Why don’t you combine it with the ‘innovation department’ that makes creative class and the college school next year?” Jung Hae-kyun shook his head at first, but said, “I will push you.” 

Ha Joon also participated in the creative class idea meeting, saying, “I’ll do it together.” The Moon and science fusion class, which started in earnest, got the students’ response and anticipated the growth of the college. 

‘Black Dog’ Jung Hae-gyun said at the meeting that Umihwa attended, “Why don’t you raise an innovation department?” But Umihwa said, “The response was good, but there were many objections.” 

“I think it’s going to be efficient because I have to adapt to the new entrance trend anyway,” Lamiran said. “I want to recommend you as a new college director.” The new college director selected by Ramyran is Lee Chang-hoon.

He invited Seo Hyun-jin, Ha-jun and Lee Chang-hoon to his house and enjoyed the drinking party. He also declared that he would drop out of school, saying, “I am taking a leave of absence with my husband.” 

In the end, Ramyran left school, cheering Seo Hyunjin “I’m sorry I couldn’t go to the end. Seo Hyunjin “I do not know how, but I will end. Creative classes, after-school classes will be finished during the winter vacation. I will write down the liveliness. 

In particular, Lamyran handed prints to Seo Hyunjin as a final gift. Seo Hyunjin looked at the photo contemplating and crying, “Can I write a letter?” Lamyran said, “Please write. I’m healthy.” 

‘Black Dog’ Seo Hyunjin took the teacher examination for the 2021 school year. The result passed. But I was not assigned to Daechi. 

1 year and 6 months later. Lee Chang-hoon was married, Lamyran is back. After a long time meeting Lah Hyun-jin, Lamyran asked, “Where are you?” In addition, “I’m at school” Seo Hyunjin “I knew it,” he showed a warm smile. 

Seo Hyunjin, Ha Joon, Lee Chang Hoon, and La Mirran, who have been together for a long time, welcomed viewers with the perfect chemistry unchanged, and Seo Hyun Jin showed their growth as a teacher and gave viewers impression and healing. 

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