Leo’s fashion magazine ‘Nylon’ in July issue of the sensual fashion and unique charm with a picture cut, revealing the focus, attracted attention with the charm. On the 17th, he began his activities as the second mini-album title song ‘Romanticism’, and Leo expressed his unique aura and dreamy atmosphere that can not be seen through this picture.

In the public image, Leo closed his eyes tightly and felt a dreamy feeling. He also gave the “Leo” an elasticity, and the white jacket and the patterned shirt were exquisitely digested. In another image, I expressed my stylish costume with a unique concept of digestive power and my own personality.

In addition, sitting in an empty space, and a mysterious atmosphere, such as a faint facial expression and a variety of pose and look at each league’s unique charm melts collected topics.

In addition, it shows the professional aspect of each pose with various pose and concentration, and it is the back door that it brought out the admiration and praise of the staff in the scene.

On the other hand, Leo released his second mini-album ‘MUSE’ and continues his active activity with his title song ‘Romanticism’.

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