TOMORROW X TOGETHER will release its debut album “STAR: Dreams” all over the world through online music site on 6th (today) on 4th.

Tsumoru Bai Together, composed of Suvin, Fed, Gyu Gyu, Tae Hyun, and Hugh Kai five members, tells the story of the boy in his debut album, ‘The Chamber of Dreams: STAR’. I can not do anything by myself, but I can meet you and tell you that if we were together we could do something. Tomorrow By Together sings ‘Joy and Sorrow’ that I met through ‘The Chamber of Dreams: STAR’.

‘Dream of the Chamber: STAR’ features five songs from the title track ‘CROWN’, ‘Blue Orangeade’, ‘Our Summer’, ‘Cat & Dog’ It was recorded.

CROWN is a trendy Synth Pop genre that expresses the growing tongue of a boy entering puberty in a unique word called ‘horn’. One day, suddenly the horns rise from the head and I am confused, but I find that the resemblance to you is different from me, and the throbbing heart starts running. Five members’ charming and colorful vocals, sensuous song lyrics, and sophisticated sound harmonize.

In addition, ‘Blue Orangeade’ is a song that is fresh in comparison with complementary color with the person who is opposite to me. Produced by The Futuristics, working with artists such as Halsey, Selena Gomez and Camilla Caberoyo, Our Summer sings symbolic time and space to enjoy friendship and adventure together. “Cat & Dog”, a member of Mumble Rap, is a song about inner changes caused by meeting someone.

The marimba melody is added to the trap rhythm to produce a cute atmosphere. ‘The Nest of the Stars’ is a soft modern rock that can feel the beautiful harmony of the five members on the electric guitar playing. The restrained instrument composition and members’ delicate voices met to maximize emotion.

The five members who filled the boys’ mind reinterpreted various musical genres such as Shinsepop, hip-hop, and soft modern rock in a trendy style through their debut album and will show unique and energyy performance of Tomorrow by Together.

Tomorrow By Together will hold a showcase on March 5th and spend some meaningful time with his fans.

Tomorrow By Together is a bright and healthy idol group in which boys gather together for a dream and goal, meaning “you and I are together in one dream together to make tomorrow together”.

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