Representative and music producer of BigHeat Entertainment, a Bangladeshi boy band member, Bang Si-hyuk attended as a congratulatory speaker at the graduation ceremony

Bang Si-hyuk attended the graduation ceremony of Seoul National University in the 73rd session of the 2019 academic year. After graduating from SNU’s Aesthetics Department, Bhushhi-hyeok celebrated his graduation and revealed the source of his success.

Bang Shi-hyuk said, “I’ve been worried a lot since I’ve been in this place. I have already become a long-established generation. “He said.

“By the way, it’s not true that Big Hit Entertainment and Bulletproof Boys have been hot, so I want to brag about it and talk about the point of contact with you on my life journey.”

“Bang Bang Boys won the Top Social Artist Award on Billboard for two consecutive years and sold out a 40,000-seat New York City field performance, just two weeks before the Grammy Awards, The newcomer Tomorrow by Together is still in the public debut despite the fact that he is interested in the Beatles of the era of the YouTube era and our company is also an icon of entertainment industry innovation and unicorn enterprise “I introduced Big Hit Entertainment and other singers.

Bang Si-hyeok said that the source of the energy that made it today is anger. Bang Shi-hyuk said, “I am an angry person, and I am angry at the moderate-looking” Musa-anil “and the best content. With the call to be made, I came to life as if it was the last day without compromise. I was born in the same way, but it was a promise with fans who feel comforted by the music, and promise that I can never betray .

“Whatever you choose to do in your society, you will have a myriad of absurdities and inexplicable avenues on your journey, and if this absurdity and obscenity adversely affects your efforts to pursue happiness, what will you do? It is not the same thing that you do not want to do, but you can not do it because you do not know what you are doing. It would not be bad to be a fighter. ”

“I congratulate all of you who have finished another very important course in life, a university, and I will live happily in the next steps of life that will start from now, and after 10 years, 20 years later I hope that I can be a person who will be able to appreciate the fact that I have lived well in my life. “Personally, I would like to write in my tombstone,” Bhushhyuk, an anger of anger, living in happiness. ” I am going to live fiercely every day until the day I receive it. I feel angry, and I feel happiness. ”

President of the Seoul National University.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to President Oh Se-jung, professors, and graduates who are today’s heroes, and my family, friends and relatives.
Today, even the weather seems like a celebration of your graduation. Congratulations on your graduation.

It was an infinite honor to have a congratulatory speech at the graduation ceremony of my alma mater, so I accepted the offer of the president’s congratulatory address, but in fact there was a lot of trouble until I came to the position. I am a ready generation that can not be denied. I am worried about whether I have a meaningful story to tell you that I do not even know that I am doing such a “tale of the same kind” and, above all, that I am now graduating from college and taking the first steps.

But think about it, graduation celebration is what I think is the place where the speaker speaks to the graduate, or to the younger student, what he learned in his life. So, I put down my worries about the ‘sadness’, and today I want to talk about my most up – and – down talk. Maybe I will be proud of myself and I will talk about the part of my life journey that touches you.

I attended high school at the end of the 1980s, and at that time it was a time when it would have been natural to go to law school if I had studied a little. So, my first choice was law school. There is no such thing as a desire for law. Actually at that time, I did not have any passion or dream. It seems to have just been shaken to the requirements of the goal and success that others have made, without any conscious consciousness. However, the academic performance test is approaching, and the scores are repeated, so I am determined to make a luck and go to law school. I chose the latter. As I mentioned a little while ago, I did not have a desire for law and I did not want to make a luck. By the way, since the cut line is next to the law class, it does not seem to be something. So I ran into other departments and found an aesthetic department. The opposition of the adults who expected the law was severe. But when I fell, I had no chance of losing.

The surprise is that the aesthetic department has hit me very well. I came in without knowing what aesthetics are, but the classes are so interesting. Originally, I liked art, and I did not know that it was because I liked the tabletop, but the aesthetic lessons that many people find difficult are so interesting that the music that I had been doing since middle school was pushed to the rear and I completely forgot to think about music.

How did I become a music producer? I do not really remember it. Many people assume that there was a great episode or a great deal of decision until the college student made music as a profession. It seems to be the most appropriate expression that I was just playing music when I was just flowing. Is it really empty?

I started to play music like it was so empty. Since 1997, I have been working as a professional producer and I have started a company named JYP with Park Jin-young. Since then, I have been independent and now I am the CEO and producer of Big Hit Entertainment. There are a lot of choices after independence, and I do not remember why I chose to think about setting up a company.

The reason I made my story so long from the beginning was that the important decisions in my life, the moments that seemed meaningful in the future, did not really matter. Sometimes I wanted to say that I do not even remember why I made that choice.

I am not an ambition to draw a big picture nor is it a dreamer. To be more precise, there is no specific dream itself. So, it seems that every time I chose it according to what I want to do then.

Nowadays, I can not believe that this is what you see when you see the bully boys, big hit entertainment. The Bulletproof Boys won Billboard’s Top Social Artist Award for two consecutive years and quickly sold out a 40,000-seat New York City field performance. Not long ago, I was invited to the Grammy Awards for a prize and set another ‘first’ record. I dare to say ‘The Beatles of YouTube Age’ in foreign countries. It is also one of the few artists to be able to tour the world’s major stadiums around the world. Based on this, I am honored to be listed on Billboard’s list of 25 innovators and our company is also recognized as an icon of entertainment industry innovation and a unicorn enterprise.

Maybe when you encountered this story through news, you might have thought that there was a great dream after this success, or that Bang Si-hyuk was a very ambitious person, and that he was going to make a big future and make it happen. However, I am ambitious and have no dreams, so this is what you want to say. I want to do what I want to do every time I choose to do so How did I get to this place? Of course, I do not mean to say that.

I’ll change the story for a second.

Everyone! I have no dreams but complaints are a lot of people. I found this expression some time ago, and this is the best explanation for me. Until there is big hit with me of today, when I look back on the way I walked, the image that came to my mind clearly was “a lot of people who were disgruntled.”

There is too much compromise in the world. I do not want to fry because people do not want to fry, but I do not want to cause any harm to the people around me because I’m tired of doing things, or because I did it, I keep my mouth shut for various reasons. I can not do that in my entire life. My job, of course, is not directly my job, but it also complains about the situation that is not the best, but if the improvement is not done, the complaint turns into anger.

Perhaps some of you will remember me as a mentor for a program called “Great Birth”. I will remember my appearance when the participants are not doing their best to explode their anger. Was it a great deal of relief? Since that time, I have come to realize that such anger expression can never produce good results, and now it is almost impossible to explode such anger, but it seems to be a good example to explain that I am a “dissatisfied person” I did.

The spirit of my work was the same in my work and in the work of my company. I was angry at the “Musa-Anil” that chose the lane that was not the best, and I was angry at the customs and practices of ending the situation in an appropriate way with excuses to be able to create more complete content. The most unfortunate of all was the situation of the music industry. This industry was not at all common sense, and it was where unfairness and irrationality prevailed. As I took music as a profession, and as I became aware of this world, my anger grew more and more. I feel that the music I love the most in the world is getting used and treated unfairly by the world.

I have been a composer for 21 years since I started working in the music industry. My colleagues and juniors who have been in this business because of the good music are still frustrated with the reality. The evil practices of the music industry, unfair trading practices, and social undervaluation. As a result, industry workers are embarrassed to tell them where they go and engage in the music industry. Many young people still perceive music companies as places where they work and pay less.

The situation of our customers is not much different. Fans who love K-Pop content and have played a leading role in globalizing it are still in the process of becoming “out of order”. I can not say that I like idol music. I do not understand why I am treated like this, but I am angry when the industry and society praise it and praise it and make the best courtesy.

Our artists, who enjoy world-renown and give comfort and tranquility to music fans around the world, are struggling and hurt by unfounded anonymous criticism. Content that is the fruit of our blood, sweat, and tears is still too many to be unfairly circulated, undervalued, and a means of filling the pockets of immoral people.

So I always get angry and have fought these problems and it is still ongoing.

I am not a revolutionary. However, I can not overlook the absurdity and absurdity of the music industry. It is not the way I live, it is to relax and compromise. I do not have a big dream or a big picture about the future. That’s right in front of me right now and I feel it’s unfair.

And now I feel that the anger is my calling. To get angry at the music industry so that they can be properly valued and treated properly. To be angry with unfair criticism and disdain for artists and fans. I think that common sense is to be fought to be implemented. It’s the only way I’m happy for myself at the end, because I love my life and my courtesy of the music I have together and my respect and appreciation for the fans and the artists.

I think happiness has two things.

Are not you happy when you go into a bed with a shower of warm water with a hard body that has been suffering all day for your studies and work? It will be the same when eating delicious food. There are some happy things that are ’emotionally’ happier, but there are happier situations that recognize ‘rationally’. In order to feel happiness in any situation, you must first try to define yourself first and then put yourself in such a situation and situation. In

my case, based on the definition of the second happiness, I want to say this. “What our company does has a positive impact on our society, especially our young friends, who have a positive impact on forming their own world view.” Furthermore, in industry, “the paradigm of the music industry It is my contribution to improve the music industry and improve the quality of life of the workers by changing it. “So it is my happiness that I and my big hit accomplish the change.

Now, let’s go back.

I said in front of you, I do not have concrete or big dreams? Yes. When I was young and now, I was such a person. There is no picture of what Big Hit Entertainment is going to be like, what the future of the bulletproof boys looks like, or even what I will be in the future.

Nevertheless, if you look at me from the outside, you will seem to be constantly devoting yourself to a big dream. In the process of personal dreaming, it will seem like an ideal situation that has created me, my people, and the happiness of the customers I have to serve. As I have said so far, this gaze is half right and half right. I had anger instead of a dream. I came here to fight with an unacceptable reality, a situation that makes me unhappy, anger and anger. That was the driving force that drove me and that was why I could not stop. So it was not my dream that I was able to give comfort and happiness to many people, but my complaint might have been the beginning.

I will live without a dream in the future. I will take time to materialize the future that I do not know, and I will improve the incomprehensible problems given now. Big Hit Entertainment will be committed to improving the music industry’s many problems, and Bangladesh boys will work tirelessly to break through the walls that are considered to be the birthplace limitations of Asian bands or K-pop bands. I will continue to reflect on myself and not to be ashamed to do these things.

This is what I want to tell you. You do not have a big dream and you do not need to feel any sense of discomfort that you have not drawn a concrete future. Do not devote yourself to pursuing happiness that others have not defined yourself. Rather, try to do your best at moments of moments that are trivial at that time. Wonder what really makes you happy. When you come to the moment of choice, do not go through the various criteria set by others, but be ready to find answers based on your consistent standards. Happiness will come in the process of defining happiness, eliminating obstacles, and pursuing it constantly. If you do so, I think repetition will become a habit, habits will be a calling, and will lead to your front line.

Just one more thing, I hope your happiness is based on common sense. You should not think happiness is a destructive negative desire that can harm your public good and not improve your life. To do this, you need to keep a constant interest in the outside world and have affection and tolerance for yourself and the surroundings. You will find problems in your life and obstacles to your happiness in such an interest, and you will try to solve them and implement your common sense. These efforts will ultimately contribute to a better world. In other words, your pursuit of happiness will increase the happiness of the world, and this is the obligation given to our graduates.

I am about to finish my blessed speech at this point.

I would like to congratulate you once again for the completion of another very important process for a university life. And I hope that you will be able to say, “I have lived well,” ten years later, twenty years later, in the happiness of the next steps of life that will begin now.

Personally, I would like to write on my gravestone that “I live in Bhushhyeok, I live happily, I am blessed with good people and have a good eye.” Until the day when common sense goes and music content and its consumers get a fair evaluation, I will be living every day. Feeling rage, feeling little happiness.

I hope that you will define your happiness and find a good life to live your life.

Congratulations once again on your graduation.

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