MBC Wolhwa drama ‘Special Labor Inspector Jo Jangpoong’ (dramatist Kim Bandy ┃ directing Park Won-guk) started the first broadcasting with a pleasant and exciting story where a physical education teacher who is a former Judo player becomes a labor supervisor

Since then, he has dominated the theater in the house. In addition to the spectacular development that makes it impossible to keep an eye on one’s eyes, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Kyung Nam, Ryu Duk-hwan, Park Se-Young, Won-Jong Lee, Dae-hwan Oh, It boasts the perfect perfection with the perfect triple blend added to the production.

In addition to this, we are also showing the emotions of viewers through the issue of the grief of our society, which is concentrating on hot potatoes of Korea, and the fresh job group called the labor supervisor, and at the same time, The explosive ‘Joe Changwon’ fever continues. Among them, ‘Special Labor Supervisor Joe Jangpoong’, which has just turned a turn-key point, will reveal three audience points that will double the charm and fun of the drama prior to the start of the second half.

POINT1. # Reflecting realistic reality 200% # Upgrading empathy index #

‘Special Labor Supervisor Cho Jangpung’ presented the process of punishing the vicious problems that Korea is currently experiencing with joyful and delightful expressions and giving the audience an exciting sense of satisfaction. I asked the employer and the employer to make an unfair dismissal because of the ridiculous assault of a driver pictured in the drama, the neglect of safety of workers, It was not limited to silk drama fantasy, such as tyranny to the employees and the tyranny of the chaebol who assaulted them. The ‘Special Labor Inspector Jo Joongpung’ came into contact with news that we see every day, and it melted the actual stories of the tyranny which had made the Republic of Korea bustle in the drama story, doubling the audience’s immersion. Not only that, but also the enthusiastic sense of satisfaction to all the people who were angry with the news was brought to the audience, which made the theater more enthusiastic.

The ‘Special Labor Supervisor Jo Jangpoong’, which is about to start full-fledged second half of the year, will be able to see our reality in the role of labor supervisor Cho Jin-kwang (Kim Dong-wook) who will further enhance the genre characteristic of social satire comedy drama. You will feel satisfied. In particular, it has been revealed that all of the actors, from top-level passengers who have been excited by Cho Jin-gap to the past, have been associated with large-scale corporate reputation groups. Therefore, from now on, the evil and destruction of society, Cho Jin-gap, who will start a full-scale bout, will offer upgraded empathy and surprise satisfaction. This is a fantasy, but it reflects the planning intention of the work, which expresses the desire to have one such supervisor.

POINT2. # Kim Dong-wook X Kim Kyungnam Bro Romance # Wonderful romance (?) # Planning Team Keemi # Colorful Chemistry Thermo-

Choo Another point to be missed at the Special Labor Inspector’s Cho Jangpung is the chemistry featuring Kim Dong-wook. If Kim Dong-wook, Kim Kyung Nam, and Cho Seung-hyun’s family brothers and teammemi shine in the process of harsh punishment up to now, Kimi Kyung Nam and Seun Ina’s unpredictable romance line , Kim Dong-wook, who has not finished yet, An-suk Kimi of Oh Dae-hwan, and Ryu Duk-hwan, who gradually began to reveal his identity, and Kimi, who has repeatedly reversed, will make the eyes and ears of viewers more enjoyable.

Especially, the emotions that are buried between Kim Dong-wook and various characters that are playing a central role in the ‘Special Labor Inspector’s Cho Jangpung’ which is getting more and more culminated are not only making the viewers fall into ‘Jangpung Holik’ Is also expected to increase.

POINT3. #Movie cure # Drill it up Drama # Stress in one room! # Super strong stormy cider

It is called ‘Special Labor Supervisor Joe Jangpoong’ which finished the first half of the first stage and it is called among the viewers ‘drama drama of the moon, treatment of the moon liquor,’ drama drama ‘, and’ This is the result of disgusting the fact that it was a thrilling and exciting crossover charm that blows stress into a room in a dramatic development. Therefore, the second half of the second half of the ‘Special Labor Supervisor Joe Jangpoong’ last point of the second half of watching the point of the upgraded jeongpyeongsaida charm can not help but miss out. In particular, ‘Special Labor Inspector Cho Jangpung’ does not punish the enemy by exercising its supernatural powers but punishes them thoroughly in the frame of law, so Kim Dong-wook not only has a nickname of ‘real-tailored hero’ The audience can feel the style of ‘Joe Jangpoong’, which is the charm of the audience, is called ‘Jeongpung Cider’ and has full support and support for it.

In the second half of the game, the chaebol will start to become more powerful in the second half, so the audience will feel more excited and more excited. Therefore, it is expected that the Special Labor Inspectorate Cho Jangpung, which will become the hotter ‘super strong wind cider’ that will become more hot in the future.

On the other hand, the MBC Wolhwa drama ‘Special Labor Supervisor Cho Jangpoong’ prepares for a special arrangement on the 5th (Sun) and the 6th (Mon) to give a little response to the support and support of viewers. First, 14-16 times will be rerun from 3:15 pm on the 5th (Sun). On the 6th (Monday), it is broadcasted for 120 minutes from 1 to 16 times in one room including 11 scenes which were not broadcasted at 11:10 am. Lastly, on the 6th (Mon) 17-18 times before the broadcast, 9:25 pm will be broadcasted with 30 minutes highlights, gathering 10 ~ 16 key scenes. This is followed by 17-18 episodes right from 10 o’clock.

The special work supervisor Cho Jang-pung, who added the firepower to the second half of the full-scale conclusion of the DAY, “Special Labor Inspector General Cho Jang-pung” with highlights added to the program, Broadcast.

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