The fans of the group icon leader Bae Ii (my name, Kim Han Bin) who are suspected of drug controversy are continuing their support.

On August 12, YG Entertainment, a subsidiary of Vaiah, announced that Vaiah had withdrawn from the icon. When the news came out, fans posted a statement in the iconic gallery that says “Reader Biai announces a statement saying that there is no way to refrain from dismissing her dismay.”

They said, “The fan side is more accepting the innocent heart of Rain than anyone else. I think that the hand of the temptation may have directed the younger heart to comfort the pain.”

He also appealed, “I can not tell you how much anguish he would have suffered until he decided to leave the group with no moral responsibility and moral responsibility.”

Finally, “I decided to respect the choice of Biai after the trouble, and I will continue to support and support her dreams.”

After the announcement of the withdrawal of Bye child, twitter has been followed by fans’ support declaration including “Hanshin Kim Do not Leave” hash tag. They left a message such as “Come back when I want to come back”, “I can not imagine a non-7 icon”, “Do not regret it and think again”

Meanwhile, Via has been found illegally using cannabis and LSD in August 2016, but it is said that it has not received a summons investigation. When the suspicion broke, Via officially announced her withdrawal through her instagram.

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