The 9th episode of the MBC entertainment program ‘Target: Billboard – KILL BILL’ (production kings entertainment, Imagine Asia), which will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 11th, Big Scale Support Shootings for the Future.

The winner Ax and Biwi are preparing for the final mission song in earnest in the recording studio that has gone through many Billboard stars as well as DJ Khalid. In addition, a world-class engineer who won the Grammy Award in 2015 by working with the best hip-hop musician ‘Kendrick Rama’ in front of them is raising the excitement gauges of viewers by forging a super-quality directing suitable for the final mission.

In an unexpected shot of support, the boy is like a kid and he has raised his thumb, and Ax is also the back door of a storm of cheers, such as “I’m the engineer who most of my favorite rappers are.”

On the same day, the engineer advised DJ Khalid on his rap tastes, and proved his global reputation by playing a bit of a bit of work for the mistake of making a mistake during the recording. As such, engineers who have commanded the final mission work nicely have already wondered about the audience.

The engineer of the world engineer who fired for the support of the ax and the bow for the rain is going to be unveiled at 9 times of the MBC entertainment program ‘Killville’ which will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 11th. This broadcast will be broadcast simultaneously on OleTV mobile, and will be available again in MBC PLUS ‘MBC Music, Everly, and Dramanet channels.

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