Participant Mobile Idol App ‘IDOLCHAMP’ is a cool and refreshing summer season song that will blow the heat for 2 weeks from July 26 to August 9! Voted on the subject.

These days when the heat continues. What kind of songs are there in the idol ‘Summer Song’ that would be great when it comes to summer vacation? Representative candidates were selected and voted for the top spot by fans.

NCT DREAM’s ‘WE YOUNG’ is the No. 1 summer season song that will blow the heat, humidity and discomfort in one room. ‘WE YOUNG’ recorded 29.07%, and was proudly chosen by K-POP fans.

‘WE YOUNG’, released on August 17, 2017, is the title track of SM Entertainment’s first mini album of ‘Mamakini’ group NCT DREAM. The member, Jaemin, was sadly excluded from the activity due to the treatment of herniated disc, but remained in the hearts of fans as NO.1 summer song.

The title song ‘WE YOUNG’ is an uptempo tropical house genre with a clear and refreshing guitar and brass sound. You can feel the passion and cool atmosphere of summer and the boy’s pure and fresh love feelings in the lyrics. . Listening to music naturally depicts the members smiling shyly on a wide sandy beach.

Along with the refreshing feel of the song, the members’ concept of ‘Marine Boy’ is also essential. The main concept of the title song ‘WE YOUNG’ was Marinbok, and among fans, Cody of this period got along well with the members. The members of the members went well with the refreshing and lovely marine clothes, and the marine clothes that were presented variously on stages were very popular.

NCT DREAM, who had just begun to love ‘Flower Boy’, became the top of the music world and filled the hearts of fans. NCT DREAM’s third mini-album ‘We Boom’, which was released on the 29th of last month, ranked first in the weekly charts such as the charts released on August 12 and the album chart of the Gaon retail store. Fans’ attention is focused on NCT DREAM’s future move from the boy who thinks first love to the man.

The second place took 25.20% with EXO’s ‘ko ko Bop’, which was hot in the summer of 2017. In addition, the bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘FIRE’ was ranked third with 17.00% and Seventeen’s ‘Whatever’ with 13.62%. You can also check the summer selection by fans through KstarLive.

Meanwhile, IdolChamp announced that it will conduct a global voting project that selects a country every month and selects the country’s most popular idols. The first country is the United States, and special benefits will be given to US K-POP fans who voted.

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