Astro released three images of personal teaser images and group teaser images sequentially through official SNS.

Astro in the public photo boasted the charm of a cool yet sexy atmosphere. As a makeup that brings out the ‘light’ that reveals the costume and the silhouette that reminds the gardener (Gardener), it shows the appearance of Astro which is a cool and dreamy charm.

As such, Astro’s unique color is kept intact, while individual members are showing a growing atmosphere, raising expectations for comeback to the fullest.

The first full-length album, “All Light”, is expected to be released in the first year and two months after the “Niga Blow” on the album “Dream Part 02”.

In this album, Astro, who is the author of the four seasons series, “Dream series” and “Rise up” album, has revealed his distinctive personality and has achieved remarkable growth. Attention is focused on whether to continue the momentum in shape.

Meanwhile, Astro’s first full-length album, “All Light,” will be released on the 16th.

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