Astro announced on the 8th through the official SNS, “ASTRO 1st Album [All Light] Concept Film” teaser video Yun, Jin Jin and Cha Eun in turn revealed the speed of the expectation of comeback.

The members of the film, which are open to the public, are attracting the atmosphere with their own charms in a lush, quiet and beautiful garden.

In addition, not only the cool charm of the members is as fresh as possible, but also a fresh and refreshing atmosphere that can be felt in the garden, such as green trees and warm sunlight, attracts attention.

Astro has been on the official SNS from the 4th to the 6th of the month and has released the official personal and group teaser image of his first full album ‘All Light’.

Utilizing a metaphor that reminds us of the Gardener as a whole, it is a picture of Astro, a cool yet dreamy attraction. The concept film film that was released this time is also an extension of this, and Astro’s sensitivity and story telling have been added.

Astro, who has been transformed into a more sophisticated version of the songs he has released, including ‘The Four Seasons Series’, ‘Dream Series’ and ‘Rise Up’, released his first full album ‘All Light’ is attracting attention to what kind of new attraction will be presented.

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