Astro (ASTRO), which has returned to its original full-length album “All Light” in a year and two months, unveiled an interview with Astro’s new charms in the February issue of “Marie Claire” .

The six members in the public group photos displayed different charms wearing different blacks.

In addition, individual cuts are stylish, but each person’s personality is kept alive and expressed the best of Astro.

In the following interview, I asked to explain the dance of this title song ‘All Night (Call Me)’. Since the member Jinjin said that he tried to make choreographed choreography, I thought I might have approached him with a new feeling.

After asking about my own picks out of the 10 songs in the regular album, they showed love for the album songs in addition to the title songs such as ‘Love Wheel’, ‘1 In A Million’, ‘Role Play’, ‘Moonwalk’.

This first full-length album was full of ten songs, including the title song ‘All Night (Call Me)’, and it filled up the album.

The new Astro albums and interviews to show off their new charms with the new album will be featured in the February issue of ‘Marie Claire’ and on the Marie Clair website.

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