The web drama ‘A Teen’, which had been loved by many students, and the ‘April Hyeon’, which was performed in April, took on a style and picture. In this pictorial with the new semester concept, Better showed a youthful image with New Balance, as if it was going back to school days.

The day before shooting, Naeun, who has been playing the ‘Ae Tin 2’ script, said, “In ‘Ae Tin 2’, the secret of Kim Hana ‘s favorite will be released. I do not think there will be a little bit of anxiety about the viewers. ”

Afterwards, “I prepared audition for ‘Doha’ instead of ‘Kim Hana’ in fact. At the audition venue, the bishop asked me to perform the act ‘Kim Hana’, but the role of the dancer has changed, “she recalled at the time of the audition.

I played a character ‘Kim Hana’ which is opposite to my own, and learned a lot about acting. “I was able to do a lot of things myself. Especially, I am grateful for the interest of many people who appeared in ‘A Teen’ and I did not forget to thank them for ‘A Teen’.

“In 2019, ‘Act Two 2’ and ‘Hip-Hop King – Nas Nilgil’ will perform more. The title of the actor is still awkward but I will work hard, “he said.” I will prepare my album as well as April. ”

The story of ‘A Teen 2’, which is about to air in April, can be found in more detail through the March issue of ‘At Style’.

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