Apink’s Jung Eunji will be challenging her first solo performance after her debut through ‘Yolol Hall 2’.

Lifetime Channel announced on the 31st of the official press release that it confirmed the production of “Season 2” of “Joyful Holy” series of travel entertainment, and pointed out Ei Pink Jung Eunji as the protagonist. ”

After his debut, Jung Eunji will go on a journey for himself only through his own solo performance ‘Yoolho Holo’ and find a turning point as an actor as a singer. Jung Eunji is scheduled to leave for Sydney at the end of June to film in Australia. Joy Eunji ‘s “Yolo Holoro” series will be unveiled for the first time on the lifetime channel in July.

Prior to Jung Eun-ji, Jung Eun-ji and Jong Eun-ji together with actor Kim So Hyun released ‘Yoolho Holo’ Season 1 ‘Twenty Years Old – Kim So Hyun’s Yolol Holoca California’. The cumulative number of views reached 5 million, attracting a lot of fans both at home and abroad. This is the reason why Jung Eunji, who will take over the baton of Kim Sohyun, is expected to show up.

Jung Eun-ji plans to go on a special trip for himself as a member of the popular girl group, Pink member, solo singer, and actor who has been busy as an actor this year. Jung Eunji continues his first solo concert tour in Asia as a solo artist, and is making active debut in the singer and actor field, making his debut on the screen with the movie ‘0.0MHz’.

Season 2 of ‘Yoolho Holo’, a new lifestyle program that will show the real Jeong Eunji, not the entertainer Jeong Eunji, will be broadcasted on TV channels as well as digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Naver TV in July.

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