The picture of the Grazia Magazine Jae Tae Yun of Eun bomi of A Pink was revealed.

Yun Bomi, who performed ‘Grazia’ and the painting, emphasized ‘springtime’ makeup beautifully watercolor and embodied the beauty of Yun Bomi.

Yoon Bomi has become a new ‘pictorial goddess’ with her charm of reversal in an elegant and chic atmosphere which is different from usual innocent and youthful image. Yun Bomi, who made a different make-up and bold costume as well, finished each picture with a skillful pose and eye-catching fascination.

“I was reminded of YouTube while I was looking for a way to communicate with my fans, even if it was not for the duration of my activity,” said Yoon Boom Mi. I feel like I am now a regular tub teacher and I am very grateful. I recently added a new studio to live YouTube, “he said.

In addition, a question about Yun Bomi as a group in the ninth year is “I am more satisfied with what I have accomplished over the worries of the future than before,” “When I was first in ‘%%’ I was more thrilled than when I did.

Now it is more meaningful to know how thankful it is to be able to work together with Apex. The members said, ‘I want to do this pink even when I am a grandmother.’ ”

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