The girl group AOA member and actor of the prefecture conveyed their values.

Sul Hyun honestly conveyed his thoughts during a recent filming and interview with a British licensee Fashion & Cultural Magazine, Death and Confused, in June.

On this day, Sulyeon showed a variety of styles such as tailoring suit, sky dress,

In the interview after the shooting, Sung-hyun asked, “How do you get the courage to stand up for yourself?” “I did not want to be swept away by jobs or people who are attracted to people. I realized how important it is to love me. ”

“I wanted to have the freedom to express what I wanted to say rather than pay attention to others’ eyes, and I was learning how to respect and love me in the process.”

The original image is also asked “do you want to deviate from the question”, “I try to dig deeper into the impossible at that time. It is not a style to erupt, “he said deeply.

On the other hand, Sul Hyun is cast in the movie “Han Nai” Han Hee Jae of JTBC action drama scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

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