The ‘2018 Asia Artist Awards’ is a multi-faceted girl group that combines visual, talent and charm.

‘2018 Asia Artist Awards’ (Organizer Chairperson Park Jun-chul, 2018 Asian Artist Awards, ‘2018 AAA’) will be held on November 28, the world’s first singers and actors the awards ceremony. The attendance of AOA (Ji Min, Yuna, Hyejung, Min A, Sihyun, and Chan Mi) and Mamma (Sola, Munebi, Huiin, Hwa) was confirmed.

AOA is a group that is loved by the public with its unique bright and healthy energy. AOA has been active in various hits such as ‘Short skirt’, ‘Single head’, ‘Savin’, ‘Good luck’ and ‘Good Luck’. Recently, it has participated in V HEARTBEAT, And fan signing, and fans got hot reaction.

The talented girl group Mamma Mum is making a rushing announcement this year, announcing ‘You and the Sea’, ‘The rainy season’ and ‘The Starry Night’. Mammau captivates the audience with explosive singing power and spectacular performances. It has a series of hits such as “No Ota”, “You Are What”, “Decalkomani”, ” , This year alone in Korea alone concerts as well as the first solo concert tour in Japan was also successful.

In particular, they are actively engaged in personal activities not only of the group but also of the members, and show their versatility. AOA is working on drama and screen on Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, and Sihyun, and Ji Min is doing solo activities and opening a YouTube channel to praise is gaining a lot of charm.

Mama Moo also has a talent for solo songs by members and collaboration with other singers. In particular, Hwaseong has been attracted to reality through a reality arts program and has gathered topics as a new ‘food goddess’.

With this combination of visual, talent and charm, AOA and Mamamu are joining to create the best lineup of 25 singers and 25 actors. The ‘2018 AAA’ ‘Crazy Festival’ is foreseen. We will work with KSTAR GROUP (Chairman Kim Hyo-jin, hereinafter KSTAR Group) and provide face ticket service.

In addition, candidates and winners will be selected through a fair method based on Big Data for Korean fans. Among them, 100% of the voters will vote for the popular vote, which is decided by the first vote, followed by the second vote

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