KBS 2TV drama ‘Dang, One Love’ (play Choi Yoon Kyo / Director Lee Jung Sup) reveals the appearance of a different angel band (Kim Myung Soo) on July 4, raising interest. The black steps are worn in the black suit, and the step of the dan goes forever.

Above all, the eyes of his sweet eyes show his change at a glance. Dahn’s expression was cold and sharp, and even seemed to be resolved as if something had been determined. I can not find any kind of angel that was sweet and warm before. Dahn’s 180-degree look changes the anxiety with his curiosity about what changed him.

Earlier Dahn expressed desire to raise his prayer to heaven that he wanted to become a human being. But God’s response gave us greater despair than disappointment. In the 27 ~ 28th preliminary video, Dahn made a meaningful comment on “Stay Alive and Stay Along” to Ji Kang Woo (Dong Kun Min) and ignited the anxiety of viewers. It broadcasts at 10 pm on the 4th.

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