“The birthday of Panda is going to be broadcast on the 29th via the cartoon network and the boomerang channel,” said Starship Entertainment, a member of the agency.

‘Upper Bear Bears’ is a popular series of cartoon networks around the world. It depicts the everyday and cute charms of the three brothers Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear living with humans.

In May, Monster X was the first Korean artist to appear on the program ‘Panda’ s Birthday ‘of the’ Weird Bears’ broadcast on the US cartoons network. Especially, all the members appeared as characters and dubbed them directly, and gathered big talk of fans from all over the world including local media.

Based on this, the ‘Wonder Bears’ broadcast on the Cartoon Network and Boomerang channel on the 29th will be broadcasted on the Monster X’s episode ‘Panda’s Birthday’, and the English version including the Korean dubbing version and Korean subtitles will be released It will be broadcasted one after another.

The episode of the Monster X, which was loved and led by a high response from overseas, is expected to attract more attention in Korea.

Monsta X, which has been loved as a global group, has been successfully conducting its third world tour ‘WE ARE HERE’ in 23 cities in 20 cities around the world. It has already performed in Seoul, Thailand, Australia and Malaysia, and has visited 13 cities in North and South America starting from Spain on 27th of last month and continues the world tour with splendor.

On the other hand, ‘Panda’s Birthday’ episode of Cartoon Network Animation ‘Wonder Bears’ starring Monster X will air at the same time through Cartoon Network and Boomerang Channel at 8 pm on the 29th.

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