East Light, Lee Seok-cheol, and Kim Chang-hwan, filed a complaint against the media line

“The East Light Agency, “and the agency of the East Light said the rest of the members .

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Media Line Entertainment announced in a press release that “We have decided to terminate the exclusive agreement with four East Light members (Lee Eun-sung, Jung Sajang, Lee Woo-jin, Kim Jun-wook) said. “We were concerned that the younger members would be at the center of the controversy because of the press conference and worried about the additional wound that will be newly wounded.

In consideration of the injuries and the future of the members, I think it’s the best solution. We are discussing with the parents of four members about the future contract termination procedure. ” Meanwhile, the Eastlight (Lee Eun Sung, Lee Woo Jin, Jung Sang Kang, Lee Suk Chul, Lee Seung Hyun, Kim Jun Wook) is a six-member group and debuted in 2016 as a digital single album ‘holla’.

The Eastlight agency media line entertainment. We would like to inform you that we have decided to terminate the exclusive contract with 4 East Light members (Lee Eun-sung, Jeon Sang Kang, Lee Woo-jin, Kim Jun-wook)

The remaining four members who are frustrated by the controversy since 18 days after the recent controversy and their parents have been worried about what is the best choice until late each night for the last 3 days, I decided to push for a press conference to attend.

However, due to the press conference, we were concerned that the young members would be at the center of the controversy, and that they would be worried about the additional injuries that will be newly worn. In consideration of the scars and the future of the members, I think it’s the best solution. We are negotiating the contract termination procedure with 4 parents.

I am afraid of the anxiety about the future of the members due to the termination of the contract, but please support the younger members so that the younger ones will not be hurt anymore and the last wound will heal and dream again.

Also, in the situation where the controversy has been amplified and issues have been repeated, we would like to inform you that we will continue to do unnecessary press countermeasures in consideration of the wounds that can be witnessed by all six members, including brother members (Lee Seok-cheol and Lee Seung-hyun).

In addition, we will be faithful to future legal inquiries and will not hesitate in the process but correct the wrong parts. We urge you to refrain from any unreasonable reports that have yet to be investigated that could hurt your members.

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