Black Pink opened its ‘BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR [IN YOUR AREA] BANGKOK: ENCORE’ at Bangkok Impact Arena, Thailand on October 12 at 8 pm and 13-14 pm (local time).

Black Pink opened the first world tour debut in the same place six months ago. The Encore concert was organized in three stages, thanks to the high level of local fans, sold out in all seasons and met with over 30,000 audiences. It made sense in that it was decorated the finale in the place that announced the beginning of world tour.

This concert was Lisa’s hometown of Bangkok, Thailand, so the heat was even hotter than usual to fill the concert scene. A big shout filled the venue before the performance, and the local fans were enthusiastically welcoming the return visit of Black Pink to the whole Grotto.

Black Pink, who prehearsed the scene with mega hit songs “Toowo Young” and “Toowo Young”, came closer to his local fans by using Thai and English together. Black Pink said, “I’m so glad to be back here tonight for the performance.”

After the remix version of ‘STAY’ and the acoustic version of ‘Whistle’, the solo stage was followed by the members’ unique charm. In particular, Lisa got a great response from audiences with her unusual choreography on her solo stage.

The Encore concert attracted a surprise banner event prepared by local fans every time. In the first performance, the fans unfolded the banner with “MY AREA IS ALWAYS FOR YOU” and impressed the black pink. In the second performance, I made a banner with the phrase “I WILL BE YOUR FIRE when the occasional darkness comes” and a Korean banner with the words “I will still cheer you here” at the last performance. .

Black Pink will be available in Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hamilton, Newark, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Amsterdam, Manchester, London, Berlin, Paris, , Macao, Melbourne, Sydney, and so on.

In the last three rounds of the show, the members shed tears of joy with their time to look back over the last six months of the world tour. The members said, “The staff who suffered for six months! I thank you and I love you, “and did not forget to take the staff together during the tour.

Especially, Jenny told Lisa in Thai, “Thank you for always making happy energy for our team,” and showed her special friendship. The touched Lisa stole her tears and the eyes of the fans who watched them were also moistened. Black Pink filmed a memorial picture of the Bangkok fans filled the theater with the background of memories and conveyed thanks in Thai language and pledged to meet again later.

By the end of Bangkok, Black Pink has successfully completed 32 performances in 23 cities around Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania on four continents for about 6 months. Following the momentum, the dome tour will be held in Tokyo Dome in December of this year, Osaka Kyocera Dome in January next year, and 4th Dome of Japan in 3 cities in Fukuoka Yahoo Oak Dome.

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