Actor Lee Min-jung takes off his existing image and returns to his new appearance.

On the afternoon of the 30th, SBS Hall in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, a special plan for SBS Weekend ‘Destiny and Rage’ (KBS Gang Cheol Woong, Director Jung Dong-yoon) was held. Lee Min-jung attended this event and reported his return to Korea.

‘Destiny and anger’ is a woman who loves a man to change her destiny, a man who knows that it is destiny, a man who loves her, a woman who wants to win a man for her purpose and a woman who wants to get her back A realistic melody with love and anger.

Especially, this work attracted big talk as Lee Min-jeong’s return to the theater for two years. Lee Min-jung, who is returning to starring role, is a good source of beauty and excellent ability to break down into an incarnation of desire, but she plays a poverty that loses her passion for life through her father’s death and attempted suicide by her sister.

It is a character that is different from before. Lee Min-jung, who had performed mostly in melodrama and romantic comedy, which was lighter than ordinary poetry, announced a stronger transformation as he returned to the Braun tube after a long time. In the highlights released on the day, Lee Min-jeong expressed his expression of his running toward his desire with his sharp eyes and cold tone.

Lee Min-jung commented on this, “When I first read the script, it was the feeling I wanted to do. I wanted to make a lot of melodrama and romantic comedy that many people remember. I have been choosing because of the feeling I was looking for. ”

In the meantime, Kwanghae, who is in charge of her work, explains that she is “a character who approaches herself in order to repair her fate.” “Most female characters are crying, and a male character comes in and helps her. I tried to be more faithful to the script. I have a lot of situations where I feel sorry for myself, but I wish I could be seen as good acting. ”

Lee Min – jung, who devoted himself to child – rearing since his return to “Uncle” in 2016, has been actively helped since he gave birth to his son. “I feel a lot of feelings that I did not feel because of my son, and the fact that there are more important and precious beings than myself has a lot more hundreds of millions of feelings than before. Thank you for this. ”

Finally, Lee Min-jung also expressed gratitude for her husband, Lee Byung-hun, who is in charge of childcare on behalf of busy oneself. He said, “I have not been emptying my house and I have been leaving home because of my drama filming, so my husband is not able to raise children.

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