TVN is scheduled to be broadcasted in the first half of 2020. In the new drama ‘Method’, Um Ji Won, Sung Dong Il, ‘Method’ is a mystery thriller that Im Jin-hee, a journalist with a sense of justice who is trying to break the secret of Korea’s largest IT company Forrest, fights against injustice as she meets a girl with a powerful ability and special ability.

It is a novel by director Sang-ho Yeo who has expanded the genre of dramas with novels such as the hit film ‘Busan Line’, which attracted 11 million viewers, and ‘The Psycho’, the original ‘Save Me 2’, which opened a new horizon for the pseudo-thriller. Hot attention is pouring. The actors who believed in the act of seeing the various genres without limit, confidently coloring their own umbrella – Seongdongil – Cho Minsoo was confirmed as starring starring.

Thumb Won played the role of journalist ‘Im Jin Hee’ against injustice and injustice. Lim Jin-hee, the owner of Soshin and avid reporter, learns about the existence of a suspicious subsidiary after taking charge of the assault of Forrest, Korea’s largest IT company. Expectations are high for the presence of Thumb One, who showed off his delicate acting skills in the dramas ‘Spring or Spring’ and the movies ‘Secret Family’, ‘Master’, and ‘Missing: The Missing Woman’.

Seong Dong-il plays the role of Jin Jong-hyun, chairman of Korea’s largest IT company, Forest. Jin Jong-hyun relied on shamanism when he succeeded in recovering with Good Fan. Sung Dong-il, a representative of a warm and affectionate father, has been looking forward to the intense villain transformation he has never seen before.

Cho Min-soo serves as the head of Forest Consulting, a spiritual consulting firm. Cho Min-soo, who showed her unique presence in the previous works, ‘Witch’ and ‘Pieta’, is interested in the overwhelming acting power that she will show in ‘How’.

tvN ‘Method’ crew said, “The original genre of director Yon Sang-Ho who caused the sensation in every one of the 11 million hit movies ‘Busan Haeng’.” After that, “TVN has always expanded the horizon of drama with novel and unique materials and experimental spirit. Another try will stand out. ” In addition, he said, “ Please look forward to the synergistic explosion that the meeting between thumb one-Sung Dong-il-Cho Min-soo and director Yeon Sang-ho of solid acting power will provide. ”

It will be filmed in the second half of 2019 and will be broadcast for the first time in the first half of 2020.The TVN new drama ‘Method’, which has been cast as thumb one-Sung Dong-il and Cho Min Soo, will be directed by Kim Yong-wan of the film ‘Champion’ and produced by Resin Studio. Investment studio Resin Studio is a partner of Resin Entertainment, which operates Resin Comics, a global webtoon platform, and is planning to produce various original works and webtoon IP-based video contents for both domestic and overseas markets.

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