In the section TV Entertainment Communication, which is broadcasted today (4th), the interview scene with Lee Sun-gyun, former Sony and Park Hae-joon,

Lee Sun-kyun, who raised the expectation for the film that “it seems to be the worst police officer in the Korean police film so far”, said, “I went to school and participated in graduation work called ‘Goodbye Day’ “He said.

Lee Sun-gyun said, “I was really struggling in the action scene with Park Hae-joon, and I sent a signal, and I thought it was acting, and I did not cut it.” It made me laugh around.

Park Hae-joon was famous for his work “Jang Dong-gun” during his school days. Lee Sun-gyun said, “It was really popular because it was popular at the time of entering the school. But I know that you can not be unlucky, “he joked and boasted a joke.

The star-studded new actor, Lee Jung-bum, has canceled a scheduled audition after meeting with him and unveiled his casting behind-the-scenes story, “I did not know that the audition was scheduled for the first time after the meeting,” he said. “I felt like I was feeling good when I wrote the script.”

Lee Sun-gyun said, “When I shoot, my eyes and mask give me a very good feeling.” He said, “A jewel-like actor is likely to be born.”

Movie malicious Police hwagiaeae an interview with three actors today 20:55 will be released in the MBC ‘Section TV’

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