In the 6th anniversary rainbow athletic meeting of MBC broadcast yesterday (5th), Sung Hoon led the team as a team leader and emanated a true leader beauty.

On this day, he showed a good team leader by cheering and encouraging his team members throughout the game through rainbow athletics last week. Though he said he was not greedy for the championship, he gave a ridiculous scene with his enthusiasm to increase his legs as painfully as possible in the leg-tearing game.

Then, in the run with the hand in hand, he played in the lead and changed his eyes at the same time as he started. He showed enthusiasm and passion that was as good as Yunho Yunho. I pulled out and focused my attention.

In addition, Seung Hoon’s behavior, hidden behind the competition, was noticeable. “I can go any further,” said Chung, who struggles with tearing his legs. He is a thoughtful leader who embraces the morale of cheating. He takes the initiative to remove the wasted garbage around him, I was impressed by those who showed me.

Also, Sung-hoon’s singing shows a different kind of attraction. I was cheered by the perfect singing ability to forget “Deitu Deitutu” while fully digesting Kang Jang Ha and the “cheap coffee” of the faces. However, I sat down with a song that was longer than I thought, and stood up to my heart and laughed at the audience.

Seong-hoon, who showed two faces that turned into a match-winner, said, “I focused on enjoying the first time I wanted to play.” At the same time, I showed my strong impression and showed a strong team leader who took the hard work of the cast. I got caught.

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