Actor Park Joong-hoon, former basketball player Hur Jae, actor Kim Kyu-ri, and Noraein Lee Sung-woo appeared in ‘Radio Star’ to show the challenge of the experienced artists ‘Insa’. Not only did they show their desire to be ‘insa’ but they also let off the heat of the midsummer night, releasing as seasoned entertainment as their careers.

The high-quality talk show MBC ‘Radio Star’ (planned Kim Gu-san / director Choi Haeng-ho, Kim Ji-woo), which aired on the 14th, was featured in ‘Career Preferential’ with 34 years of experience. Kim Kyu-ri, the first generation Chosun punk pioneer, Lee Sung-woo appeared in the show.

Park Jung-hoon, who decided to appear in “ Las ” for his best friend Hurjae, caught the attention of viewers at once with a pleasant entertainment. Park Jung-hoon, who made his debut as a director through the movie ‘Top Star,’ continued his dream of film production even after he failed. Park Jung-hoon said, “It’s hard to make your first director’s debut. And even more difficult is the director’s failure to film his next film. Only three failed movies, ”he said.“ I offered a subscription to about 25 to 30 junior actors, but I was rejected. ”

Park Joong-hoon confessed that sharing was the most impressive of the actors who refused to offer. “I met them in person and seriously talked for hours. For this reason, the scenario was less attracted, and I refused it with all my heart. I knew it was true, so the wound was minimized. ”

Park also confessed his desire for ‘Insa (Insider)’. Park Joong-hoon said, “I started SNS recently.” “I worked hard, but I have more than 10,000 followers. I also want to get in the air. ”The world confessed everyone with a frank confession. Indeed, his social network has attracted big talk after the broadcast, and the number of followers has skyrocketed.

Huh Jae, a basketball president, has recently attracted attention as he transformed himself into a celebratory character. “The next morning after the broadcast, I got a phone call from the people saying ‘I had an accident’. I was surprised to see it suddenly coming up in real time. ” Park Joong-hoon, who was listening to Hur’s story next to him, said, “A basketball player who played in the past year can’t play soccer.”

Heo Jae showed a clumsy basketball demonstration somewhere. Kim Kuk-jin, who wasn’t able to do this, said, “Please do it right.” Heo Jae-soo, who sat down for a while, said, “I had to practice if I knew it.”

Park Jung-hoon and Hur Jae, who gave laughs with different charms, added fun with their close friends. Park Jung-hoon and Hur-jae, who had been close friends since high school, were struck with a hit and exposed each other’s past as well as awkward duet stages.

As well as Park Joong-hoon and Hur Jae’s activities, Kim Kyu-ri and Lee Sung-woo’s activities were also pleasant. Kim Kyu-ri, who is on the radio in the morning, said, “It’s not a lot of talk. I stayed quiet all weekend and tried to talk on Monday, but Monday, not Monday, ”he said. However, contrary to her claim that she was silent, she showed a big talk and said, “It’s been so good after a long time.”

Kim Kyu-ri, who became a middle-aged actress for 22 years, recalls her passionate time as a newcomer. “The first and last shots were for newcomers. It was a time when I couldn’t get my eyes on for only an hour or two. When I woke up in the morning, my face was swollen, so I thought about whether I should sleep and stayed up all night. After two years of hard work, I had a lot of pressure on my body. ”

Kim Gyu-ri was hard at anything, but there was a moment when I thought about quitting my life as an actor. Kim Kyu-ri said, “The crisis of life comes once, but it was too painful and I couldn’t get it from last year.” “I learned Korean painting when I filmed ‘Miedido’. I thought it might be. ” “It’s nice to be able to work these days. I was very happy with the work and I was happy to have a radio. ”

Kim Kyu-ri, famous for his excellent dance skills, also presented a stage to celebrate Ahn Young-mi who joined the new MC. She was a perfect reenactment of Celeb 5, which wowed the studio. Ahn Young-mi also expressed appreciation for the unexpected celebration.

Lee Sung-woo showed anti-war charm with the rough rocker and Lovelyz. Lee Sung-woo, a passionate fan of Lovelyz, said, “It’s all good.” At the concert, I gave me a microphone and sang a song. ”

Lee Sung-woo, who made a quote that said, “There are many girl groups but one is lovely” at the time of the pre-interview, “Lee’s is a bodhisattva.” I never thought about dating Bodhisattva. It’s disrespectful. ” In addition, Lee Sung-woo proved that he is a true fan by perfecting the ‘bell ring’ cover dance for Lovelyz.

Lee Seong-woo has been on stage for 23 years and never gave up was the ‘leather jacket’. “I wear a leather jacket no matter how hot or sweaty,” he said. Along with this, he said, “I play on the stage and sing a lot, so the intestinal movement becomes active and there is a lot of gas.”

Lee Sung-woo confessed that he was threatened with life due to the exceptional performance. In the past, Nohrain showed off their performances in Japan. As a result, Japanese right-wing groups gathered, which led to dangerous situations and the invitation to Japanese festivals. He then tried to escape the crisis by saying, “Our vocals have changed,” but he said that the performance was misfired.

After the broadcast, the viewers said, “I was so funny when I sing Park Joong Hoon Jae Jae ~~”, “I’m jammed today ㅋㅋㅋ I’m ripping with tears”, “Please walk in front of Guri’s older sister!”, “Lee Sung Woo’s honorary lover’s ㅎㅎ” We poured favorable reviews of the back.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings company on the 15th, ‘Radio Star’, which aired the previous day, recorded 5.0% in the Seoul Metropolitan area, 4.3% in the second part, and 6.1% (23:43, 23:52). Added. Next week, ‘Radio Star’ is expected to be featured by Lee Woo-woo, Jang Young-ran, Norajo Won-hum and Jonathan’s ‘Things Over the Line’.

On the other hand, ‘Radio Star’ is loved as a unique talk show where Kim Kuk-jin, Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Gu-ra, and Ahn Young-mi disarmed their guests with the talk of Choe Chul-min, who might not know where to go.

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