Park Hyung-sik was the young man founder Kwon Nam-woo who did not know how to give up in the film “jury” that formed the actual case of the public participation trial that was first introduced in Korea in 2008.

Park Hyung-sik, who was invited to the movie music invitation corner of ‘FM Movie Music’, hopes to share his colorful story about DJ with Jeong Eun-chae, the first commercial movie through ‘jury members’.

Today ‘s’ FM Movie Music’ broadcast by Park Hyong – sik will be broadcast live, and will be in real – time communication with listeners through visible radio.

MBC Radio ‘FM Movie Music Jung Eun Chae’ is broadcasted every night from 8 pm to 9 pm in MBC FM4U (Metropolitan area 91.9MHz) and can be heard through ‘official’ website and MBC radio application ‘mini’.

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