I am a long-time lover of Han Ji-min (Lee Jung-in) in MBC’s New Tree Mini Series ‘Spring Night’ (directed by Ahn Pan-seok / Kim Jun-han, who plays Kwon Ki-suk, is expected to show another love feeling after Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in, so expectations are gathering.

Kwon Ki-suk (Kim Joon-Han), the head of the bank’s audit department, had a wealthy family, fast brain rotation, and appropriate competition. He does not lack anything, and he feels affection and anxiety from his lover Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min). So, Kim Jun Han (Kwon, Kwon Suk) is releasing the character ‘s complex psychology with delicate acting.

Kim Jun Han pointed out ‘familiarity’, ‘pride’, and ‘commitment’ as keywords that can express Kwon Ki Suk ‘s characters. He said, “This is the keyword that we have thought about from the perspective of the master thoroughly. The viewers are curious to see how they will interpret Kiyoshi, “he said.

In addition, he said, “I think that ” spring night ” would be a work that leaves a question to be asked, rather than an answer. This is the most anticipated personally and I think it is the charm of ‘spring night’. ”

As such, Kim Jun-han is expected to show Kwon Ki-seok, who can not keep an eye on character, voice, and action of character through a series of delicate emotions.

On the other hand, Kim Jun-han’s hot actress who will show off her emotions with her cool eyes and irregularly straight ups can be found at MBC’s New Tree Mini-series ‘Spring Night’, which will be broadcasted at 9 pm on May 22nd.

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