MBC FM4U (Good Morning FM ‘Kim Jae-dong’) on 13th (Mon.) Kim AJeong made a voice call over the phone connection and surprised listeners.

On this day, Kim Ah Joong introduced himself as “Kim Ji-woo living in Nonhyun-dong”, and Kim Jae-dong noticed Kim A-jung who was once a best friend.

Kim Ah Joong expressed his affection to Kim Jae-dong, who had recently returned from his vacation, saying, “Go ahead and talk to me when you go on vacation.” Kim Jae-dong refused, saying, “If you tell me, you guys will come along,” he laughed.

“I do not drink coffee every time I watch movies alone. I know I read a book in the bookstore alone yesterday,” he explains, making Kim Ah Joong embarrassing.

Kim Ah Joong, who released his surprise lately on the radio like this, said, “It was good to be able to hear Mr. Kim’s voice in the morning.”

On the other hand, “Good Morning FM Kim Ah Joong”, which is responsible for daily commute by various information and various plans, is broadcasted at MBC FM4U every day at 7 AM and can be heard through MBC Radio App Mini.

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