MBC’s new tree drama “Spring Night” (directed by An Ahn Sang-seok / dramatized Kim Eun / produced by JEES Pictures) will be released for the first time in May. The new look of the referee, who is warm but steady, is captivating the attention of prospective viewers.

‘Spring Broom’ is a romance drama where one man and two women are searching for love. The story of two men and women who will experience a wave of emotions with soft love in a calm routine. I will listen to the true love itself, not the fateful romance, and I will wake up the special feelings of the life I have forgotten.

In the middle of this, the first steel of Jeongsein who came back to the pharmacist keeps an eye. Shirts and knits in white gowns well-dressed and plain and good impression are attractive to the first impressions of Yuho character with warm character.

Hahan is a person who grows up correctly without being confused once in his parents like a so-called child. It is sweet and thoughtful, but it does not hesitate to go straight.

Jung Hae-in (Yoo Ho-ho), who has been loved by female viewers for her unique emotions and moods, has not only gained interest in how she will perform in ‘Spring Bum’, but also works with Ahn Chang-seok, director of ‘ The situation is even more expected.

As such, ‘Spring Night’ is attracting attention as a meeting between two actors, Han Ji-min (Lee Jung-in) and Jeong Hae who stimulate irritation even if the name coincides with director Ahn Chan-suk and Kim’s coincidence.

Condensation of moist and sensuality The heartbreaking MBC drama “Spring Night” starring in the hearts of women will be broadcasted first in May.

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