Star hostel agency said, “Actor Italy confirmed his appearance as a jinbei role in ‘What a day he discovered’.

The MBC new tree mini series “How I Found Someday” (Woong Hae Song / Hae Young Song / Directed by Kim Sangyo / Producer MBC, LaMoraine) is a genuine private institute romance drama in which a high school girl Dano (Kim Hye Yoon) All. Kim Hye Yoon, SF 9 Rowan, Lee Jae Wook, In Eun, Jung Geun Joo, Kim Young Dae and others are sure to make their appearances, and Italy is joining as a work that brings hope and vitality to the youth lineup.

In Italy, all ages, nationality, origin, even the real name of the play appear as a veiled person, foreshadowing yet another scene. He appears on the day when the stir-fried rice is served in the sri-ko food, and it is called a unique name called ‘jinmi-jeju’, or ‘jinmi-chae’.

Especially, as the owner of the appearance, which is well-known as the informal NO.4 member of A3 of the representative brigadier corps of Surigo, it stimulates the curiosity of the secret behind the broom that melts the mind of the high school girls.

In relation to the appearance of Italy “There is a feeling of burden which is very exciting and pleasant to appear in the work. I will do my best as much as you can expect me to have such a charming delicacy. ”

In this way, Italy, which shows the impossibility of substitution with individualistic acting for each piece of work, is expecting to show what kind of charm it will show with the veiled letter Jimi.

Italy, which received a hot love from viewers last year in the drama ‘Beauty Inside’, made its debut as a soprano in SBS drama ‘Sungpung Obstetrics and Gynecology’. Sungkyunkwan Scandal “,” Moon of the Year “,” Hospital Line “,” Beauty Inside “and” Thank you for Coffee “.

On the other hand, the MBC new tree mini series ‘What I Found Someday’ will be broadcast in September.

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